Alpha Phi celebrates bid day

Posted on Oct 13 2015 - 4:23pm by Devna Bose 

Alpha Phi sorority completed one of its final steps of colonization and distributed bids to its first pledge class at the University on Monday.

Alpha Phi’s bid day festivities took place in the Grove at 4:30 p.m., where new members ran from the Lyceum to the Grove Stage to be greeted by other members of the Ole Miss Greek community. At 6 p.m., the new members were taken to the Lyric on the Square to have a celebration consisting of music, food, activities and bid day gifts.

Each of the new members will be considered charter members of Ole Miss Alpha Phi. Destiny Slade, a freshman undeclared major and new founding member of Alpha Phi, is enthusiastic to begin this new chapter of her college life.

“I am ready to make a lasting impact on Ole Miss as a founding member of Alpha Phi,” Slade said. “I want to help mold this organization to become a well-respected sorority here, as it is everywhere in the country.”

Slade participated in formal recruitment but said Alpha Phi “felt right.”  She decided to join the new chapter because it was a good opportunity to put many of her ideas for philanthropy and other aspects of sorority life to immediate use.

“Alpha Phi is a wonderful opportunity to acquire experience in leadership positions, give back to my community through philanthropy and gain a lifelong sisterhood,” Slade said.

The potential members went through a process very similar to Ole Miss’ formal recruitment. Philanthropy night was held last Tuesday. During this night, the women were informed of Alpha Phi’s philanthropy cause, which is women’s heart health.

“When I watched their video, it really got me excited about the cause,” Slade said. “I am going to love being able to interact with these women one-on-one.”

Personal meetings were held later last week, during which each prospective new member was interviewed by an Alpha Phi active or alumni. Bid cards were distributed during preference night later in the week.

Alpha Phi active members from all over the country were present throughout the entire process. Madison Hart, a member from Washington State University, was just as excited about bid day as the founding class.

“We are so happy to bring a new home for these girls to Ole Miss,” Hart said. “The University of Mississippi has been very supportive of us.”

Michele Dalon, a Louisiana State University Alpha Phi member, agreed.

“We think this will benefit the Greek community here at Ole Miss because there are so many women going through rush and just not enough houses,” Dalon said. “We get to be their new home. In addition to all of the wonderful houses and philanthropies on campus, we want to also become a strong presence here at Ole Miss.”

The fraternity of Alpha Phi was founded in 1872 at Syracuse University on the foundation of providing a sisterhood of outstanding women, supporting one another in lifelong achievement. It currently has nearly 170 collegiate chapters in the United States and over 222,000 members.

Oxford-born freshman Morgan Neese said, “Alpha Phi is right for me. I wanted to be a founding member, and I am so happy to have been chosen.”

The women of Alpha Phi at Ole Miss can expect to open the doors to their new house in the fall of 2017.