Area IV Special Olympics come to Ole Miss on Wednesday

Posted on Apr 3 2013 - 7:41pm by Camille Mullins

Having a passion can help a person grow emotionally, socially and physically; competitive athletes have an enthusiasm and passion for their sport that require great determination and can be inspiring to witness.

The Area IV Special Olympics Track and Field is today from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. The event takes place at The University of Mississippi’s track and field beside the Indoor Practice facility.

The games range from tennis and softball to relay races and long jumps. The event is open to the public and free to attend.

The Special Olympics is a way for children and adults with intellectual disabilities to develop and improve their fitness and motor skills.

Many of the athletes are able to boost self-confidence, while growing mentally and socially through the process. Getting involved in the events is a great way to volunteer in the community and have a fun time doing it.

The volunteers can help in many ways — timing, scorekeeping, awards personnel and finish line personnel are all important positions to volunteer for, and of course the best job ever … the huggers! Yes, you can volunteer to give hugs and provide encouraging words.

“We encourage people to come and take part because it is great to just see the athletes enjoy themselves and we need all the help we can get.” said Dustin Bridges, senior physical therapy major.

The Department of Health, Exercise Science and Recreation Management is sponsoring this event and they need as many volunteers as possible this year.

The expected turn out of athletes is 400-500 people from counties including Calhoun, Grenada, Lafayette, Panola, Tallahatchie and Yalobusha.

If there are athletes who want to participate, they should call the director of Area IV, Sarah Ball, to schedule their participation at 662-513-7900.

If you would like to volunteer for this event contact Forrest Bryan in the exercise science department at 662-915-5521.