Best and worst dressed at 2017 NFL draft

Posted on May 1 2017 - 7:27pm by Sam Harres and Ethel Mwedziwendira

Sports guy Sam Harres and fashion expert Ethel Mwedziwendira took a look at last week’s NFL draftees and picked out some of the best and worst dressed players at the event.

Hasson Reddick: Best Dressed

Sports editor Sam Harres:  Reddick kept it classy with a black and white checkered suit. If his career with the Cardinals doesn’t work out, the jacket alone could probably land him a job at Rally’s.

Design editor Ethel Mwedziwendira:  I’m not sure what pattern Hasson is wearing, but I really enjoyed the combination of colors. Black and crimson are always my go-to, and I’m not even an Alabama fan.

Jamal Adams: Best Dressed 

SH: Adams, drafted sixth by the Jets, can finally afford a yacht to go with that suit. A white jacket paired with white loafers can be tough to pull off, but the former LSU safety made it work.

EM: Honestly, I was not a fan of Adam’s suit. It kind of reminds me of a suit Count Olaf from “A Series of Unfortunate Events” would wear. Sam and I couldn’t agree on another best dressed, so here I am, writing about this.

Malik McDowell: Worst Dressed 

SH: There’s a fine line between fashion-forward and straight-up tacky, and McDowell found himself on the wrong side of that line Friday night. The jacket looks whack, but after getting drafted 35th overall by the Seahawks, McDowell can hopefully afford to hire someone to pick out his suits.

EM: Personally, there’s just too much pattern on Michigan defensive line Malik McDowell’s suit. He looks like a walking art gallery.

Deshaun Watson: Worst Dressed 

SH: Watson’s shoes looked straight out of the Bowser collection. Even worse, they ran the former Clemson quarterback a cool $2,000. His suit looked decent, but the Texans need to set Watson up with a shoe guy ASAP.

EM: Former Clemson quarterback DeShaun Watson traded his cleats for Christian Louboutins that cost nearly $2,000. He also didn’t care about getting his suit tailored beforehand. That is exactly what landed him on the worst dressed.