How to celebrate a memorable Father’s Day in Oxford

Posted on Jun 18 2017 - 9:30am by Trichelle Lee

In case you forgot, Father’s Day is Sunday, June 18. It’s an opportunity to surprise the special man in your life with something exceptional. A Father’s Day gift is more than saying, “thanks for being my other parent.” It should represent at least a fraction of how thankful you are for all your dad’s efforts over the years, and of course, his unconditional love. No gift out there will ever hold the value of everything your dad has done for you, but it’s truly the thought that counts. Unfortunately, unless your father has specifically stated exactly what gift he wants or how he wants to celebrate, it can be quite the challenge to figure out how to show your gratitude. Have no fear – below is a comprehensive guide of things to do with your old man on Father’s Day.

father's day

Illustration by: Jake Thrasher

Where to Feed Him

Everyone loves to eat and your father is no different. Lucky for you Oxford is located in the Deep South and Southerners take cuisine just as seriously as they take football. That being said, Oxford has plenty of restaurants with good eats that feature a plethora of foods to satisfy all taste buds. For the dad who loves a good steak, try Delta Steak House. There, he’ll be able to enjoy a Texas-sized steak, a baked potato, and some New York style cheesecake.

For those who are into Cajun cuisine, look no further than City Grocery. They have a menu full of New Orleans-inspired dishes such as their legendary shrimp and grits and their crawfish ravioli. Both meals could put a smile on anyone’s face, so make your dad that someone on Father’s Day. Last but not least, The Ravine is a great spot for anyone looking for super fresh meals with a twist on traditional southern meals. If your father happens to be a vegetarian this is an excellent choice for him as well. Please note that City Grocery and Delta Steak Company are closed on Sundays, so you may have to take him out a bit earlier in the week should you choose either one.

Where to Spend Quality Time with Him

A dog may be a man’s best friend, but his cooler is his partner in crime. Don’t believe me? Go to any outdoor function in Oxford and you’re bound to see at least three coolers within the first five minutes. There’s no better time to test this theory than this weekend by spending some quality time with your dad on Sardis Lake. Father’s Day is a great opportunity to ice up the cooler and recollect on some of your best moments together. You both can rehash the time he took you to get your first haircut or the first time he cheered you on at a game, while watching the sunset in one of Oxford’s most peaceful settings.

Where to Dress Him Up

Whether your dad is a style-conscious gentleman or has been wearing the same Levi’s since you were born, he’ll appreciate a shopping trip that, for once, is all about him. Hook Dad up with some new shirts and ties at some of Oxford’s classic men’s boutiques. The Square’s very own Hinton & Hinton pride themselves on being a go-to destination for the southern gentlemen. They live up this claim by carrying a variety of brands such as Southern Proper, Lucchese, Patagonia, and Southern Tide. They sell sportswear, accessories, and footwear so there’s something for every man. Another boutique for a lovely southern gentleman is Landry’s. Founded by Ole Miss alumni, this men’s apparel shop has impeccable customer service and clothes with impeccable quality.

Where to Entertain Him

If your dad’s a film buff, right now is the season to take him to see Hollywood’s newest productions. For the dad that’s into sci-fi, Alien: Covenant is the way to go. Baywatch is the comedy of the summer, so take Dad here if he likes to laugh. Action junkies should check out King Arthur: Legend of the Sword. Lastly, if he’s into horror, test his scare factor with It Comes at Night.

Oxford is a charming city with something for everyone, and it can be the setting for a memorable Father’s Day. From fine or casual dining, to film, shopping, and outdoor activities, you can find it here. Take Dad out on anyone of these excursions and make another beautiful memory to talk about down the road.