Column: Electric cars represent the near future

Posted on Jul 12 2017 - 11:19am by Woody Dobson

Car manufacturers this July are set for a major battle in business.

Tesla Motor’s will unveil the highly anticipated Model 3 car for mass-market dealings. The future of the modern car is dependent on this revelation in July.

The progress without fossil fuels could mean a healthier planet and future.

The Model 3 is of revolutionary importance. It’s an all-electric car that can be made available for any person with an average household income.

The car is $35,000, while the other Tesla car models are still great but are about $60,000. Having the ability to not rely on gas is imperative to the success of the Tesla Model 3 and the only challenge are previous major car companies possessing gas induced systems.

Tesla Motor’s in recent years has been progressively innovating the road at an alarmingly fast, yet secretive pace. The brain-child behind Tesla’s innovative future is none other than Elon Musk, the most diverse and successful CEO this age in modern technology statistically, and his multiple “future-set” companies’ give him this ultimate credibility.

Musk’s advancements have led to the elimination of gas-induced vehicles, meanwhile, developing all-electric cars and multiple clean energy projects.

This begs an important question, who would still want to pay for gas?

Some despise this action because major car companies could ultimately lose their credibility to this future competition. The Model 3 could pose a significant threat to the previous auto industry and develop a game changing future for gas reliant cars, making them obsolete in fuel economy. This raises an important question, is this the right kind of innovation?


Differing stances on how to approach the Tesla Model 3’s innovation is a debatable issue. But would you rather waste money on a non-reliable car and gas, possibly forever? Or, would you rather have a money saving alternative that’s reliable, safe, and effective? Saving money and being reliable sounds way better than a total wasted purchase, wouldn’t you agree?

Tesla’s innovation of the Model 3 is the largest event in the modern car era. This will break the boundaries gas reliant car companies have imposed on citizens, especially in the United States.

The Model 3’s innovation is certainly for the best.

Woody Dobson is a junior political science major from Tupelo.