Column: ‘Tis the season for giving (and receiving) gifts. Here are a few ideas to get you started

Posted on Nov 30 2016 - 8:06am by Akim Powell
Illustrations by Jake Thrasher.

Illustrations by Jake Thrasher.


‘Tis the season… All I want for Christmas is As on my final exams and five extra points on my final grade, but that’s a different story. I just want to give a personal thank you to Thanksgiving for the endless amount of stuffing and green bean casserole; it’s been grand. Now that my food galore is over, it’s truly upsetting that I have to go back to eating campus food everyday.

On the bright side, Christmas is almost here, and I’m ready to slay the holidays away! Nothing warms my heart more than listening to Mariah Carey’s Christmas album and receiving extravagant gifts from relatives that I haven’t seen in years. But hey, that’s what holidays are for, right? If you’re high maintenance like me, then your list is already complete and contains some of the greatest things of all time. The Daily Mississippian has given me the honor to share some of my spectacular Christmas gift ideas with you to help you out or inspire you this season.

Smart watches

This is literally the best invention ever. I’m probably the only person without one, but that’s what makes receiving it even better. Not only are the watches affordable, but it’s super cute, and it matches with any outfit. It comes in multiple colors, including rose gold, gold, silver and space gray. You can also have the ability to customize the face of the Apple Watch, changing the clock, photos, etc. According to GottaBeMobile, the Apple Watch is capable of sending and receiving messages, is waterproof in up to 50 meters of water and can check your heartbeat. Now that’s an ultimate Christmas present.

Gift Cards

I love gift cards with a capital L-O-V-E. This is actually a great present for anyone and everyone. Why spend mine when I can spend someone else’s? According to Time.comgift cards “aren’t just the right gift for your friends; they’re the right gift for society.” Growing up, I used to hate receiving gift cards, but now I’m overly obsessed with them. Being the broke college student that I am, receiving gift cards makes my life 100 times better, and I appreciate it so much more.  The best feeling in the world is when you totally forget the gift card and you miraculously find it. It’s life changing. This season, rack up on gift cards. You won’t regret it.

Kimoji Merch

Kim Kardashian’s emojis are so successful that she has recently started selling Kimoji merch. This would be a perfect Christmas present if you’re a Kardashian fanatic like me, or even if you aren’t. If you’re unsure of what to get someone, don’t look any further, Kim Kardashian has saved the holidays.  The Kimoji merch has a variety of categories including, stickers, lighters, graphic hats, sweatshirts, bikinis and iPhone cases. These all display different modern tropes, including “Turbo Thot” and “Send Nudes.” When you or someone receives the gift and loves it, you can thank me later.


When it comes to picking the perfect present, a puppy definitely beats everything else on the list. It’s possibly the best present ever. Due to the fact that my dog is 60 years old, I am in desperate need of a new puppy. Receiving a puppy for Christmas would make anyone in the world happy, no matter what age you are. If you’re similar to me, you’re not picky and all you want is a little furry friend named Max who you can sneak inside your dorm room. The puppy love is so real.  


Thank god Polaroids are back because I am in desperate need of one! How adorable would it be to post some cute Polaroids on Instagram over the break? I’ll answer for you: very cute. I’m truly upset that I wasn’t old enough to enjoy this back in the ’90s. However, Polaroids are now updated and improved with printers and rechargeable batteries. This is an ideal gift because it’s really inexpensive, and you can bring it everywhere you go!

Diamond jewelry

I know they say that diamonds are a girl’s best friend, but I believe they’re everyone’s best friend. I can’t wait to see my diamonds dancing in the sun while I’m taking my selfies and drinking my eggnog. This is perfect for the haters. If you’re a devious person like me, you make the haters believe that your imaginary boyfriend is actually real and totally blow their minds. On a not-so-psychotic note, the gift is perfect just to have to pass down to your future child.

I know Christmas isn’t about giving and receiving presents, but it’s the feeling you get when you receive something you’ve been waiting so long for. So let’s make this year’s Christmas as magnificent as it should be!

Great gifts for friends: 

  • Candles – Most everyone enjoys the luxury of a nice candle. These are perfect gifts for both friends and family. They are also easily customizable, so even if you buy candles for each of your friends, you can gift them different scents.
  • Albums – Everybody loves a good record, and with all the great albums that have come out this year, it’d be easy to gift most people music they’d love. 
  • Baked goods – Not only are baked goods gender-neutral, but they also show that you put your time and heart into making the holidays a little bit sweeter for whomever you give them to. 
  • Instagram prints – Why let all your adorable photos with friends stay trapped inside an electronic device? Order prints of your Instagram photos through sites like Social Print Studio, apps like PostalPix or even Walgreens. Add a cute frame, and you’ll have one of the most thoughtful, easy gifts for friends. Some sites and apps even let you make calendars, posters and other creative displays for your Instagram photos.