NFL Draft: What happened with Laremy Tunsil?

Posted on Apr 28 2016 - 11:29pm by Collin Brister

NFL Draft: What happened with Laremy Tunsil?

It wasn’t all positive for Ole Miss on Thursday night, however, as Laremy Tunsil admitted after he was selected by the Miami Dolphins that he took money from a coach.

When asked if there was an exchange between him and a coach for money, Tunsil responded saying, “I would have to say yeah.”

Tunsil was at the center of controversy during his junior year at Ole Miss as the All-American left tackle missed the first seven games of the Ole Miss 2015 football season due to an NCAA investigation.

Ole Miss is dealing with the NCAA regarding the Tunsil issues and other issues that happened during former Coach Houston Nutt’s tenure.