Album Review: Drake continues to rule summer 2016 with ‘Views’

Posted on Jun 23 2016 - 7:00am by Ashna Sethi

The summer of 2016  will be filled with incredible views, it seems.

For years now, Canadian rapper Drake has been topping charts, winning countless awards and establishing a massive fanbase.

The hip-hop rapper’s album cover shows him as he sits atop of the CN tower that overlooks Toronto, which accurately depicts the theme of “Views.”

We all know about Drake’s deep love for his home from his posts, pictures and speeches. But now, we get to live vicariously through Drizzy and hear more about his love for The Six. There’s no doubt that Drake’s success with “Views” has much to do with fans’ love for his passion for his home in his music.

One factor that attracts an incredible amount of listeners is the featured artists. It is a given fact that Future and Drake work well together, as displayed in the amazing “Jumpman,” and the duo returned to create “Grammys.”

In late January, Drake released single “Summer Sixteen” and left Team Drizzy in shock and excitement for the impending album release, which was Drake’s attempt to make “Views” album of the summer.

But Drake’s success and fan base isn’t recent. Team Drizzy is always excited to hear new songs, mostly because the rapper is like no other. Artists are often telling their life stories within their songs as an attempt at artistic expression; “Views” explores a common idea — maintaining relationships with fame.

It seems as if this album was Drake’s way of letting go of the past and coming face-to-face with the truth. “9” may seem to be a cheerful song that expresses hometown love; however, Drake also expresses some truth, once again, in the tune. He says, “I got it right now, so I’m everybody’s friend / If I ever lose, I bet we’ll never speak again.”

The mix of cultural beats and melodies is undoubtedly the best part for fans to experience. For six consecutive weeks, “One Dance” has been in the Billboard Top 10. Some may say the song’s success derives from its hook; however, the most incredible part is the mix of cultural influences: “One Dance” explores both Jamaican and Nigerian melodies.

When today’s generation thinks of hip-hop/R&B, generally speaking, the first artist that comes to mind is none other than the phenomenal Drake. Why? The artist is the realest it gets. Drake is straight up about his past, admits to specific desires, is open about his thoughts and isn’t afraid to engage in a Meek Mill roast session every once in while.