Emails to and from the IHL board

Posted on Mar 23 2016 - 2:25pm by Clara Turnage
The Daily Mississippian reviewed more than 200 personal emails to the IHL board as a part of a review of 1,809 documents from a Freedom of Information Act request in September. The board withheld 42 emails due to client attorney privilege and personnel file, among other reasons. This is a selection of those emails.

Matt Kiefer, alumnus, Senior Class President 2014, March 25, 2015

Dear IHL Board of Trustees,
Post Script Note: If you are wondering what specific problems students have had with the Dan Jones Administration, here are a few serious ones off the top of my head:
(6) implementing a Liberal agenda without transparency or balance

Rex Huffington, citizen of Starkville, March 20, 2015

“This is a severe blow not only to the University of Mississippi, but to our entire state. I cannot imagine how this decision could have been made at this time and in this moment by individuals who bear responsibility for overseeing higher education in our state.”


Bart WilBanks, alumnus from Collierville, Tennessee

I want to personally thank you and the IHL board for their recent decision concerning the removal of Dan Jones from Ole Miss. I am a graduate of Ole Miss, and a member of the Alumni Association, and I want you to know that I speak for the 3,364 people whose names and contact information is in the attached file. Below is a link to the petition that I started for the resignation of Dr. Jones. The petition was recommended by 5,880 people and endorsed by thousands of other (sic) who feared being publicly associated with this effort due to fear of backlash from the University administration. I closed the petition upon your announcement not to renew his contract, but have been assured that if I reopen this petition for signatures I can get thousands more relatively quickly.

I am sending this now because I know there is a public out lash from people who blindly supported Dr. Jones, and I have even heard rumors that the IHL board may renew his contract under pressure. I ask than you consider this petition before making any decision to extend Dr. Jones contract and I will do anything within my power to support you!

Click here to view the petition.

Wil Yerger, alumnus, March 21, 2015

Bob Evans, representative for Mississippi House District 91, wrote on April 17

Thank you for the courtesy of this notification. However, I must tell you that both as a legislator and a citizen I am very disappointed and angry about the undeserved and otherwise reprehensible manner in which you and the other board members handled the Dan Jones matter.While I know that you will likely take umbrage with my characterization of your involvement, any explanation you might offer would not be well-received.  Your actions speak for themselves. Suffice it to say that I will not retreat from my intention to reign in what I deem to be such execrable abuse of the Board’s authority. I am confident that legislation to that effect will be presented to the 2016 legislature.