Football spending fuels Oxford Square shopping

Posted on Oct 10 2013 - 7:57am by Jordan Wyton


The quality of shopping on  the  Square  may  depend  on  the  success  of  Ole  Miss  football.

Business  owners  on  the  Square  say  they  enjoy  huge  revenue  boosts  from  Rebel  football  weekends  that  keep  many  of  their businesses  alive.

“The difference is  athletics,  in  general,  but  especially the influx brought by football is  tremendous  in  our  store,”  said  Landry’s  owner  Stan  Shanks  about  the  additional  customers  visiting the Square on game weekends.

Shanks  estimated that  football  weekends  can  generate  up  to  four  times  the  amount  of  revenue  brought in on an ordinary weekend in his store.

Retailers are not alone in noting an increase  in customers  around  Oxford  on home game weekends.

Many  students  and  Oxford  residents  try their best  to  avoid  the  rush  during  home weekends  and  prefer  not  to  even  go  out  on the  Square.

Sophomore biology major Boomer Preston said  that  he  likes  to  avoid  crowds  and  what  he  thinks  are higher  prices.

“I  honestly  don’t  really  like  going  out on football weekends,” Preston said. “The prices  are  high  and  it’s  way  too crowded.”

Preston believes businesses know that football weekends attract more people through their doors.

“They  know  the  people  are  in  town  and  they’re  going  to  make  money,” he said.

Freshman accountancy major James Heslin commented on prices on football weekends as well.

“Being used to downtown Athens, (Ga.,) covers at bars are unheard for me,” said Heslin. “And when a bar tries to charge me 20 dollars to go in there’s no reason to even go out.”

Although this season’s schedule stacks home games beginning this month, business owners nonetheless expect  a successful season of sales.

Shanks  says  it  won’t  make  much  of  a  difference  when  the  customers  come,  just  as  long  as  they  arrive.

“We  have  six  games  to  look  forward  to  in  October  and  November,  so  it’s  going  to  make  up  for  the  lack  of  games  in  September  this  year,” Shanks said.