A guide to rocking summer fashions without breaking the bank

Posted on Jun 19 2017 - 1:11pm by Akim Powell

What time is it? It’s summertime! No, this isn’t High School Musical, but it is the season to bring out your hottest outfits and make your summer the best. But spending $40 for a graphic tee? I’ll pass. Summer always has some of the best trends, but often they can be a little pricey. It’s important to know that when you’re buying luxury brands, you’re consequently buying the name and not quality. If you don’t know where to shop though, no worries – I have some of the best summer hacks that will leave you speechless and wanting more.

  1.       White Adidas

Photo courtesy: Adidas

White Adidas are the go-to shoe for summer. Not only are they comfortable, but they’re also very trendy and cute. I own a pair and I can honestly say without my Adidas I’d probably be in the hospital due to all the blisters I would have suffered. Yes, I’m a little dramatic but you get the picture. If you didn’t know, white is the ideal color to wear in summer because instead of absorbing the sun’s light, it reflects it. That means you won’t instantly burn in this scorching summer hot weather. The good thing about Adidas is that they’re appropriate and refreshing for any age. They pretty much go with any outfit. Though Adidas are universal, their price ranges from $50-200 which can be a little pricey if you’re a broke college student like me. No worries though – you can find similar shoes at H&M for only $29.99. If that $150 save isn’t a deal then I don’t know what is.

  1.   Sandals

Photo courtesy: Birkenstock

Get ready for the sandy shores and hot summer days with new sandals. Sandals are a must for summer because feet need to breathe just like us. I mean who wants to walk around wearing tennis shoes all day? I sure don’t. That’s why Birkenstocks are summer’s best thing. Birkenstocks can be very pricey ranging at $100-150 depending on the design. Birkenstocks are comfortable sandals that look super cute. Celebrities like Kourtney Kardashian have been seen wearing them. I found a pair of shoes similar to Birkenstocks at Forever 21 online for only $20. People always mistake my Forever21 inspired Birkenstocks with the real Birkenstocks. I recently helped my friend find Birkenstocks for less and she was completely shocked. That’s the thrill about deals – you would have never expected it.

  1.       Aviators
rayban aviators

Photo courtesy: Ray-Ban

Ray-Ban Aviators or also known as “hater blockers” are probably the best sunglasses ever. They’re actually perfect for any season, any day, or any weather. You can capture the perfect selfie in your stylish eyewear. You can wear them while dressing up, or when you’re dressing down. You can literally hop up out of the bed and turn your swag on. The amazing thing about Ray-Ban Aviators is that they’re polarized. Polarized sunglasses simply mean it reduce the glare reflecting from the light. It also helps you see objects more clearly and help reduce the harmful effects of the radiating UV light. Ray-Ban Aviators are pretty pricey with prices ranging from $150-200, which is expensive, but it’s totally worth the purchase. Surprisingly, these sunglasses are available for less everywhere! If you’re a frugal individual like myself, then you find cheaper alternatives. You can find a pair similar to Ray-Ban Aviators at Forever21.  Check at the catalog online – they have a very extensive catalog of sunglasses with prices ranging from $7-20.

  1.       Highlighter
becca highlighter

Photo courtesy: Temptalia

What’s better to have on your fresh, flawless face than an illuminating highlighter? I’ll answer that for you – nothing. Highlighter is essential for looking dewy and bright for the summer. Becca Cosmetics has some of the best highlighters ever, including pressed powder and liquid highlighter. Recently, Becca Cosmetics and YouTube beauty blogger Jaclyn Hill teamed up to create “Champagne Pop,” a highlighter that works on all skin tones perfectly. “Champagne Pop” is priced at $38. I know you’re thinking I’m insane, but yes, I’ll admit I’m insanely obsessed. When I tested this in the store, I was completely blown away by how pigmented the formula was and how illuminating the shimmer was. It contains a peachy formula that settles in the skin so smoothly. Though this is a great highlighter, other brands like Elf Cosmetics have amazing highlighter formulas for less. Elf Cosmetics are very affordable,and are as good as luxury brands. They have a variety of highlighter products as well, including mineral balls, liquid highlight, and shimmer powder. The great thing about Elf Cosmetics is that their product prices range from $1-10. Now that’s what I call a summer hack!

  1.       Moisturizer
day cream

Photo courtesy: Ulta

When washing your face with skin care products, it’s essential to moisturize after. If not, it can leave the skin very dry which causes the skin to produce more oil than usual. Ulta’s Radiant Skin SPF 30 Day Cream is enriched with sunscreen to protect skin against the damaging effects of UV rays. This feels so good on your face, because it honestly feels like nothing’s there. Also, this doesn’t contain alcohol as you know dries the skin which makes us age quicker. While it hydrates the skin, it’s also nourishing. This moisturizer is priced at $19.50 which means if you want this then you might have to spend a pretty penny. The shocker is that you can get moisturizer with the same formula at a local Walmart for only $5.79. Bee Bald Smooth Daily Moisturizer contains SPF 30 and also has minerals that work together to get rid of wrinkles and fine lines. It’s always important to use a moisturizer that contains SPF because skin cancer is serious, and everyone should protect their skin. Now you don’t have to worry about burning in this summer-scorching heat.

There’s something about a deal that gives me a rush. I love finding things for trends for less. It’s not always about having name brands, it’s about how you make things work with less. These items are very essential to keeping you in summer refreshed, and glowing. Have a great summer, and don’t forget to thank me later.