Word on the Street: First week of school

Posted on Aug 30 2016 - 8:01am by Devna Bose

Word on the Street: First week of school

In this week’s Man on the Street, Ole Miss students talk about their first week back at school on Aug. 29, 2016.

Georgia Summer - Man on the Street


“My first week went really well. I’m really happy with how this semester is going to go.”
Georgia Summer, sophomore history major from Atlanta.

Chelsea Boone - Man on the Street
“My first week was good. The walking is a lot. I’m getting used to that. I like the teachers, and my classes are going well.”
Chelsea Boone, freshman political science major from Cleveland.

Brownisha Clark - Man on the Street
“My first week is going quite well. I feel like it’s going to be a good semester. College is a lot of responsibility. It’s not like high school. You’ve got to keep up with your assignments on your own, but other than that, it’s good.”
Brownisha Clark, freshman biology major from Philadelphia.

Zac Herring - Man on the Street
“I had a great first week. It was fun to see everyone I made friends with last year. It is all really exciting.”
Zac Herring, sophomore international studies major from Olive Branch.

Alexis Dibenedetto - Man on the Street
“My first week of school has been great. I’m glad to finally be back in Oxford. Classes are going well, and I’m excited for football season!”
Alexis Dibenedetto, sophomore risk management major from Auburn, Alabama.

Cole Decker - Man on the Street
“My first week of classes were awful because we’re back in school. I’m not happy about it.”
Cole Decker, sophomore undeclared major from Petal.

Reed Ashton Kevin - Man on the Street
“My first week was busy. It was really nice getting back to campus and seeing everything new that the university is doing and all of the organizations back at school. ASB had an awesome welcome week.”
Reed Ashton Kevin, sophomore IMC major from Oxford.

Taylor Weeks - Man on the Street
“I walked a lot, and I’m really hot. I like my classes, but they’re big. I’m a transfer student, so I’m still getting used to it.”
Taylor Weeks, junior psychology major from Tupelo.

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