More changes in store for student housing

Posted on Feb 1 2013 - 7:00am by Lacey Russell

Stockard and Martin will not be the only two residence halls to experience major changes on campus, with Kincannon and Guess halls being next on the list.

As residence halls throughout campus continue to be built and renovated for freshmen, the next few on the list may create a few beds for upperclassmen.
The University of Mississippi has made plans to demolish Guess Hall within the calendar year, but no specific dates have been confirmed, according to Assistant Director for Marketing Jennifer McClure.
Guess has the capacity to house 224 students, and once it has been demolished, a new residence hall will be built.
Exercise science sophomore Charles Powell said he thinks a new hall in place of Guess will be a good idea.
“The building was kind of outdated, and the rooms usually had issues ranging from electrical to accessibility,” he said of his living experience in Guess.
In addition to the university’s commitment to housing every freshman enrolled, the university would like to expand its student housing to encourage more upperclassmen to live on campus.
“That’s something we haven’t been able to do as much in the last few years because the freshman classes have grown, but having our sophomores and upperclassmen contribute to campus life is really important to us, so that’s something that we’re constantly looking at and constantly looking towards,” McClure said.
Kincannon Hall also underwent renovation this year and is expected to undergo more in the future.
This past year, the lobby, office and vending areas in Kincannon were completely renovated and furnished, and built-in drawers were replaced in student rooms.

The elevator systems have also been updated.
McClure denied rumors that Kincannon will be demolished.
“That rumor has been around for a very long time,” she said.

“There are no plans to tear it down.”
Although no specific plans have been made to continue renovations for Kincannon, the university is always looking for opportunities to upgrade all of the residence halls on campus.
“There’s no timeline or anything like that, but we’re always exploring options in all of our residence halls at all times,” she said.

“We’re always talking about what can we do here, what can we do there, how can we improve this experience. So there’s nothing specific, but there are discussions about other things that may need improvement.”
Gesturing to the new Ridge residence halls, freshman psychology major Stephen Flagg pointed out one of the main issues with Kincannon.
“(Kincannon) itself isn’t in that bad condition, but the other dorms are much better.”

Thomas Graning | The Daily Mississippian Construction on Stockard and Martin residence halls

Thomas Graning | The Daily Mississippian
Construction on Stockard and Martin residence halls