Oxford Aldermen to consider revising city ordinance to allow sales of cold beer and light wine every day including Sundays.

Posted on Jul 23 2013 - 11:46pm by David Kennedy

At 6:30 this evening, the Board of Aldermen met at city hall for the second time this month with a request to revise the city ordinance which would allow the sales of cold beer and wine Monday through Saturday on the agenda.

In an unexpected twist, Alderman Board member Janice Antonow proposed that the board should also vote on a revision to sell cold beer and wine on Sundays, which was approved by Mayor Pat Patterson.

“I would like to add part of this discussion the possibility of the sale of beer in grocery and convenience stores on Sunday. I think that some of the issues that we are hearing may be notated by adding that possibly,”  Antonow said during the meeting. “When we get ready to vote, we can vote for Sunday or not Sunday. We can vote cold or not cold. We can vote for either one.”

On Aug. 6 at the next Alderman meeting, the public will be allowed to voice their opinion on this subject. On Aug. 20 the board will vote and make its decision. If passed, the new ordinance would go into effect as early as Sept. 20.