Mississippi in Brief

Posted on Apr 28 2016 - 6:25pm by Lizzie McIntosh

Jackson residents threw a birthday soiree of a different kind for a pothole located on Riverside and Devine Street. Signs placed in the middle of the pothole read, “Happy Birthday Pothole” and “I’ve been here for over a year.” Don’t worry, balloons were definitely involved. Because what’s a party without balloons? According to Fox News, the pothole has been around since February 2015. After local news outlets called attention to the small birthday tribute, crews from the city fixed the potholes. Resident Eddie Prosser is the brains behind the joke, which is a result of his frustration with the streets in Jackson.

Jack Daniels and Jim Beam have a new place to live. Wiggins, Mississippi welcomed its first liquor store after a referendum was passed to lift prohibition. The store, Twenty-One Liquor and Wine, was opened last week by residents Rebecca and Rocky White. According to MS News Now, customers are now able to buy adult beverages including gin, vodka, bourbon and rum. The Whites are hoping the new store will allow residents to keep their money in Stone County. Residents are happy they don’t have to travel to other counties to get their alcohol supply.

“It’s definitely more convenient than having to go to the coast to get it,” Stone County resident Brent Moran said. “Shorter drive for everybody and hopefully it’ll cut back on expenses for everybody and keep more money here in the county.”

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