ASB benefits student involvement

Posted on Feb 5 2013 - 7:00am by Lacey Russell

Each year, the ASB allots funds to organizations in hopes that they will positively influence the university community.

The Associated Student Body (ASB), known as the voice of the Ole Miss student body, works with administration to promote and maintain constructive student life.

By providing funds for student organizations on campus, the ASB is able to continue being an intermediary for students and the administration.

Annually, the ASB is given about $100,000 by the vice chancellor of student affairs. The ASB reserves the right to keep about half of that amount for their internal departments, such as Senate and Cabinet. The other half of those funds is used to benefit projects and events hosted by various organizations on campus.

“This year, the ASB had roughly $45,000 for student organization funding,” said Carson Rutledge, interim treasurer for the ASB.

In fall of 2012, the ASB gave an estimated $41,600 to student organizations on campus. During that time, more than 60 associations on campus applied and received funding.

Though the ASB funds various organizations, it does not have as many resources as others. Many groups on campus function well with their individual events, given the fact that Ole Miss’ ASB is provided with one of the smallest budgets in the SEC.

Student Tyrone King, assistant director of First Year Experience, is a witness to the great achievements of an organization provided with ASB funding.

“We were able to compete in the homecoming float competition, and we came in third place. We also took the freshmen to Jackson, MS for a lunch with university alumni,” said King.

Even though King is satisfied with funds that First Year Experience receives from ASB, he would like to obtain even more for his organization.

“If we had more funds, we could reach out to the community even further than we already have,” King said.

There are more than 250 organizations on Ole Miss’ campus, but not every organization has the ability to receive funding from the ASB.

Organizations that are interested in receiving funding must first be a registered organization with the university.

After applying, the president of the organization must be interviewed by the executive branch of the ASB, but the Senate makes the final decision on how much each organization gets.

Each organization applying for funding is examined primarily by its past performances, and the significance of its planned events for the year.

Organizations that are looking to receive funding should have a significant intention to do something productive with the university’s campus.

“When reviewing applications, we are looking at what niche is being served on campus by the organization. If we feel that the niche is being fulfilled properly, awarding funds is definitely considered,” Rutledge said.

With about $3,400 left in ASB funding, applications are currently open for organizations to apply for the 2013 spring semester.

To apply for ASB funding, go to and complete the 2013 ASB spring funding application.

Will Strouth | The Daily Mississippian

Will Strouth | The Daily Mississippian