ASB Inauguration Ceremony

Posted on Apr 22 2016 - 6:47pm by Lyndy Berryhill

The Ole Miss family came together again as the 2016-2017 Associated Student Body executive officers were inaugurated under the Lyceum’s shadow Friday evening.

ASB President Austin Powell, Vice President Michael Howell, Secretary Austin Spindler, Treasurer Grayson Giles, Attorney General Brent Ferguson and Judicial Chair Hurston Reed took their oaths and stepped forward as leadership for the following academic year.

Austin Powell’s parents and two sisters joined the ceremony in support. Not only did the ASB president’s parents meet while both enrolled at Ole Miss, but his older sister is on track to graduate from Ole Miss as well.

Powell’s father Eric said he is proud, but not too surprised at his son’s success in campus elections.

A former Mississippi legislator, Eric Powell said he watched his son grow up while he was in office. He and his wife tried to instill a strong sense of integrity in their son early on.

“We’re very proud,” Eric Powell said of his son’s accomplishment.

Additionally, the ceremony hosted the 1943-1944 ASB President Maralyn Bullion. She is the first female ASB president in Ole Miss history as well as the great-aunt to the 2016-2017 vice president.

“It was very different when I was here,” Bullion said. “It was quite something.”

The biggest challenge during her leadership was handling the impact of World War II and military integration on campus.

The incoming class in the fall of 1943 was a fraction of the size it is today. Other than the exciting war years, Bullion said the Ole Miss family has remained constant.

“We’re all Ole Miss,” Bullion said.