ASB President reflects on term, inaugurates 100th executive staff

Posted on Mar 31 2017 - 8:01am by Slade Rand

Friday marks the 2015-2016 Associated Student Body Executive Board’s final day in office, as well as 100 years of ASB on campus.

A new executive group of student leaders will be inaugurated Friday afternoon after leading campaigns focused on bringing more students into the ASB process. The 2016-2017 cabinet will step down, including Powell, Vice President Michael Howell, Secretary Austin Spindler, Judicial Chair Hurston Reed, Treasurer Jennie Jesuit and Attorney General Brent Ferguson.

They will be handing over the reins to ASB President-elect Dion Kevin, Vice President Elam Miller, Secretary Dylan Wood, Judicial Chair Will Nowell, Attorney General Dillon Pitts and Treasurer Jennie Jesuit.

“The new executive group is looking to hear from students more. They want more student engagement and students’ input,”  current President Austin Powell said. “Just so students know which resources are available.”

In his last week serving the student body, Powell reflected on the mark the job has left on him and the university.

Powell remembered his own presidency as a humbling, challenging and educational experience.

“I saw my inauguration day as my oyster. You know, they say the world is your oyster,” Powell said. “It’s been hard; it’s been challenging, but it’s all been good.”

He said the job was different than he expected, but in what he feels was a positive way. By handling necessary conflicts, Powell said he got to know what truly interests the campus and students.

“One hundred years shows the impact that students have over the years, not just through ASB,” Powell said. “It’s the everyday needs that students have.”

Powell said that for its century of existence, ASB’s primary goal has been to serve students, and he feels the organization is gaining more credibility among the administration, teachers and student body.

“I think every year ASB is evolving into a better organization, structurally, with the student leadership and in students’ initiative,” he said.

He said students are challenging ASB more, and this has in turn pushed ASB to challenge the administration more.

“That comes with a level of trust, and its all been positive aspects,” Powell said.


Powell said between the nature of campus, students and the American political climate, the new officers are going to have a lot on their plates.

“I’m excited to see how they take that and do something good with it,” he said.

Powell said ASB will have “some big announcements” with some fun for students at the inauguration on Friday.