Cool weather Grove fashions

Posted on Nov 6 2015 - 9:58am by Dixon Stone

For the coolest men”s fashions, see next week”s column

October has finally come to a close, which means that you can – hopefully – kiss that endless Mississippi summer goodbye. Yes, that’s right – it’s time to retire the cocktail-stained crop-tops and pull out those dust-covered jackets from the back of your closet. Rip the tags off of the new fall pieces that you have been dying to wear.
They’re ready for you to put them on full display on game day in the Grove. Not prepared? No worries – we’ve got you covered. Here are a few trends, tips and ideas that I found on a stroll around the Square to ensure that you get that envious head-to-toe glance from passersby on your way into Vaught-Hemingway.
Versatility: Fall and winter weather can add so much excitement to your wardrobe, especially in the Grove. You can now play with matching and layering sweaters, jackets, ponchos—the works. Rock a skirt with leggings or change it up with a tailored, sleek pant. Keep it fun and effortless, because anything goes. Overall, never feel limited by the change from warm to cool – it only gets better.
Things we’re over: If you were planning on wearing a basic dress and trench coat to the game, don’t. Why? Because you have so many options. Pants (and yes, we mean jeans, too) are the most underused and underrated piece in your closet when it comes to game-day dressing. Pair them with a blazer or a crisp, white button down. Throw on a pair of those must-have booties or give it a masculine edge with a loafer. Dress it up or down to taste. Also, too tight and too short—give it up. Hopefully, the cold will root out that trend anyway! Contrary to popular belief, sexiness isn’t defined by how much you show off.
But if you aren’t ready to stray:  we understand. But pump up the look with some eye-catching accessories. Pull in a real statement shoe. Try a clutch bag instead of an over the shoulder. Put on a pair of elegant, fur lined gloves. Add scarves and more scarves. A dress and coat combination can be so much more exciting with the right accessorizing.
Playful and Practical: Comfort should be your primary priority when dressing for the Grove. You can always achieve a stylish look yet still remain comfortable. Throw on a pair of thick leggings or tights with a muted pattern  and pair them with your favorite pair of kicks. An oversized jersey with a killer bag and silver or gold jewelry can make a real statement and be extremely comfortable. The right pair of kicks can add an undeniable edge.
Over the knee boot—yea or nay: Yea. A million times yea. But only if you can pull it off. Try on a comfortable length mini-skirt or dress, and, if it cuts a sizable portion of the top of the boot from view, the look is not for you. If it doesn’t, then the look is screaming your name, and you should invest in a pair. ASAP. Please.
Monochrome: If you’ve kept up with the Kardashians lately, you’ll know that the monochromatic ensemble is the new “it” thing. And you can achieve the look. Pull together different tones of red (or blue) and mix and match, preferably keeping to solids—don’t worry about an exact match, different shades can add dimension to your outfit. Utilize some of those tops that don’t seem to go with anything, and pair them with a similar toned, warm pair of tights. Monochrome makes your closet much more useful and accessible. Keep your accessories to a minimum, but, if they are completely necessary, try to incorporate a bold, solid pop of color to complete the look.
Mad for Hats:  A hat can not only be a huge statement piece and make an outfit, it can also be a great tool if there just isn’t enough time to deal with that Friday night hair or if rain is in the forecast for the game. Pick out a comfortable yet durable felt hat – darker tones are better for the fall. The great thing about hats is that they can transform an ensemble and add a lot of interest and dimension.
Getting in touch with your inner badass: Let’s talk about leather, fringe and army green. They are musts for your wardrobe this fall and winter. Army green jackets, suede fringe tops, booties, leather pants and biker jackets—the opportunities are endless. This will provide an effortless element of cool and will ensure that you get noticed strutting around the Grove. These are all close to neutral, so pair your ensemble with silver or gold jewelry and accessories, or even some of your favorite red and blue pieces. Put on your favorite pair of shades, feel like a celebrity and kill it.
Fur Friend or Faux pas: Fur can be tricky. If you can afford the real-meal-deal, do it, by all means. But, if you’re like most of us, faux is your next best option. Obviously there are imitations that aren’t meant to look real, like cheetah or zebra (which, unless you’re dressing up as members of the Jersey Shore, please stay away from those.) For quality faux pieces, try to stick with darker furs—black and brown. Colored imitations, though they sometimes really make an outfit, usually tend to look cheap and don’t wear well. But, when it comes down to it, there is really nothing that says summer is over and winter is here than a sumptuous fur.
These are the hard-fast trends and rules of this year’s fall/winter season, and when you get bored and are ready for something new—break them.