Examine President Trump’s policies, not his words

Posted on Nov 15 2016 - 8:01am by Julia Grant

Yes, I voted for Donald Trump, and I am a Christian.

Yes, I voted for Donald Trump, and I believe in gender equality.

Yes, I voted for Donald Trump, and I champion LGBTQ rights.

Yes, I voted for Donald Trump, and I have an unwavering respect for the dignity of other human beings.

You may call my counterparts and me hypocrites, bigots and racists. And if all Trump had to offer were his inflammatory, divisive rhetoric prevalent in his campaign, you would be correct.

But I urge you to dig deeper than Trump’s apparent insecurity and hunger for fame. Move past the politics of the election, which are admittedly so easy to become swamped in and infuriated with, and focus on cold, hard policy. Because I assure you, a bill passed through Congress has much more impact on your life than the shallow, vote-mongering insults of a presidential candidate.

Recently, President-elect Trump released his plans for his first 100 days in office, covering everything from tax policy to cleaning up corruption in Washington.

Examining his proposals, I realized something—the Republican Party’s strength, as well as its fallibility, lies in its calculating silence.

Let me explain. The right is often criticized for being callous and inhumane. Its opponents point to its deliberate ignorance of minority rights and the perpetuation of equality.

Perhaps this is an easy perception to acquire — after all, most Republican candidates will not incorporate these points into their stump speeches.

But while they do not always talk about them openly like the left wing does, they are toiling silently behind their desks, drafting policy to strengthen the middle class and ensure all Americans—regardless of gender or skin color—have an equal chance to lift themselves out of poverty.

They work to ensure America remains a republic of the people, not political insiders in Washington. While I abhor many of the comments Trump made on his campaign tour, I have to overcome hurt feelings to heed to policy.

Trump’s plan for health savings accounts will lead to greater accountability and responsibility among citizens on welfare, while continuing to ensure they have coverage.

School Choice will guarantee that all children—regardless of their zip codes—will have an opportunity to receive a quality education.

Tax simplification will empower the middle class to more flexibility to invest in small businesses and other enterprises.

The application of term limits and lobbying barriers will lead to more transparency in Washington.

I believe in Trump’s policies because I believe in the abilities of the lower and middle classes and minority communities — not the view that they’re “downtrodden” or “helpless,” as some would have us believe.

So stop settling for talk, which is nothing but cheap. Because once Trump is inaugurated, we may all have a little more money to spread around.

Julia Grant is a freshman public policy leadership and journalism major from Gulfport.