‘Tis the season for relationships: Cuffing season explained

Posted on Nov 1 2016 - 7:59am by Akim Powell

Who’s ready to get cuffed up?

Yes, it’s cuffing season. Now’s the time where girls and guys start to hangout together on a regular basis and watch Netflix. If you’re not ready to be a “cuffing victim,” then put your read receipts on and ignore the repetitive cute good morning text messages.

Cuffing season is the best time to be on the prowl, unless it’s summer and you’re considering a summer romance. Cuffing season should be exciting for all. There is no better feeling than looking and feeling your best, and getting all the attention you deserve. The best part of cuffing season is receiving cute good morning texts and making your “cuffer”  purchase you Taco Bell at 2 a.m. whenever you want.

 Fortunately, if you are like me and you’re always forever alone, then you’d rather be cuffed with a lifetime supply of chicken nuggets and Polynesian sauce. If you are unfamiliar with cuffing season, no worries: I have you all covered.

What exactly is cuffing season? I recently asked my friends what they thought cuffing season was. Some responded with “Netflix and Chill weather,” and another friend responded with “I’m not really sure what it is.” By my surprise, it’s actually a big deal in the celebrity community; rapper Fabulous actually popularized the term with his 2013 song “Cuffin’ season.”  Cuffing season is the phenomenon of theoretically, physically or emotionally getting into a relationship with someone during the fall and winter season, also known as getting “cuffed.” Many people say it occurs because they don’t feel like going outside because it’s extremely cold, and I agree with them completely.

Is one of your old flings asking to Netflix and chill? Perhaps this is why. Maybe it’s caused by the pumpkin spice still floating in our brains, or the thrill to take cute upcoming Instagram pictures for Christmas? And no, handcuffs are not usually involved, unless you have some sort of kinky fetish.

But exactly how does this work? It’s right about that time of the season where the cute guy or cute lady in your class, who sits directly behind you, ultimately notices you. He or she notices you wearing your favorite pair of jeans and then surprisingly has the courage to DM you on Twitter. You both start texting regularly, creating a Snapchat streak and walking together to class. Many people will be envious of you all’s relationship, but that’s what haters do. By now, the person is bringing you around his or her friends and possibly calling you “girlfriend/boyfriend,” which makes you think it’s official. However, beware of the players; they will say anything possible to get what they want. They might start responding to your texts slower and ignoring your requests to hangout. If you’re a petty individual like me, then you would delete their text messages and pictures. As a rational alternative, take the high road. Move on.

Cuffing season is exciting yet frustrating at times. It’s the best time of the year because you look and you feel your best. Guys or girls approaching you is very intriguing but also confusing because people don’t really know what they want. Don’t get discouraged if you don’t find someone; maybe it’s not the right season or possibly not the right person. There are plenty fish in the sea, so cast your pole and reel that fish in next cuffing season.