Book review: Young adult novel ‘Enigma’ draws readers in with action, romance

Posted on Jul 11 2017 - 4:22pm by Sarah Smith

Young adult author Tonya Kuper’s second book in the young adult Schrodinger’s Consortium series was released on July 3, and the sequel, “Enigma,” promises and delivers on the same nerdy romance and action as the first book in the series, “Anomaly.”

“Thank Thor” as protagonist Josie Harper would say.


Photo courtesy: Goodreads

The Schrodinger’s Consortium series follows two high schoolers, Josie Harper and Reid. “Anomaly,” the first book in the series opens with a series of melodramatic disasters on Josie’s sixteenth birthday.

First, her boyfriend ends their relationship, then she ends up sick. She sees her ex-boyfriend with another girl, and she’s reminded of her late brother.

Things only grow more complicated when Reid, a newcomer to her high school arrives. Things grow only weirder as the story goes on and Reid and Josie’s fascination with one another grows.

This chaotic and somewhat stereotypical storyline doesn’t stay on a mediocre path though. Kuper makes sure to incorporate interesting and fun plot twists that are unexpected, unlike many young adult novels that thrive on the typical.

While the romance is innocent and brewing, the resistance, a group of Oculi fighting against the traditional government becomes more fascinated with Josie and her ignorance of what she is.

After the revelation of finding out Josie was Oculi, Reid is chosen by the resistance to be her trainer to hone her powers. Of course like any romance novel, romance and being placed together as trainee and trainer is always a bombastic and entertaining experience, but also forbids any romantic relations between the two of them.

The tension that is created in this series was very well done. It always gave a tease before giving you what you want in the series.

This complicates things even more as the story progresses and their protective tendencies over one another rise, in a romance about not the guy saving the girl and not the girl saving the guy, but rather them saving each other.

As the series progresses there is a mole in the resistance and he’s after Josie. As they try to find the mole extra measures are taken that bring Josie and Reid closer together, and in such an uncomfortably limited relationship, they can’t help but bend and break the rules.

This series is a fun and adventurous blend of sci-fi and fantasy references from popular movies and comic book series like the Avengers, action-packed content, and cute romance scenes that will make anyone swoon.

It’s a fun summer series for anyone wanting to get caught up in a cheesy and nerdy romance of Reid and Josie. Kuper curates a wonderful world of mystery, action and romance into the perfect short novel that doesn’t leave you bored for one second.

The melodrama featured in the Schrodinger’s Consortium will make you nostalgic of your own high school mishaps and misfortunes in both love and life. Leaving readers either laughing, cringing or both. 

It’s not the most intellectually stimulating read, but it is a fun and relaxing read. Whether you need an escape from school, work or just life, this series doesn’t fail to deliver an interesting and well-developed story.