Evan Engram leads team by ‘prevailing in adversity’

Posted on Nov 12 2015 - 10:28am by Brian Scott Rippee

Evan Engram is a dominant presence on the football field. The junior tight end from Powder Springs, Georgia  has a 6-foot-3-inch, 227 pound frame  that makes him a matchup nightmare for opposing defenses. He can be difficult to stop because, though he lines up at tight end, his skill set resembles that of a wide receiver.

Engram has compiled 84 catches and 1197 yards in his three seasons and ranks in the top four in school history in all three of those categories. He was named first team preseason All-American this season and is one of two players  in Ole Miss history to be named All-SEC as a freshman. Engram’s list of off the field accomplishment’s are long and speaks for itself.


Coach Hugh Freeze describes Evan Engram (17) as a leader on and off the field. (Photo by: Cameron Brooks)

Off of the field, his presence is just as strong. Engram is an honor roll student and is an nominee for for the All State AFCA Good Works Team, an award that honors student athletes across the country for outstanding community service. Engram is a guy that doesn’t often lose perspective on things, and that’s part of what makes him a leader.
“There are people in this world that don’t have anything to eat when they wake up. There are people that lose loved ones every day,”  Engram said. “There are a lot of unfortunate people in this world and unfortunate things and sometimes we are so lucky and blessed that we take things for granted.”

Engram’s been involved in the highs and lows that this Ole Miss team has gone through over the last three years

“Crazy things are going to happen. A lot of adversity is gonna come our way. Things aren’t going to go our way,” Engram said. “It’s how we respond, and how we take it. You’re going to get knocked down. How many times are you going to get back up?”
Engram credits Hugh Freeze and the coaching staff for the team’s strong mental toughness and ability to persevere.

“Later down the line when we have a family and things go wrong, how are we gonna respond? Are we just going to droop our heads and keep moping around,or are we going to stand up like a man and take it?” Engram said.

Hugh Freeze continuously preaches about a “New Normal” for this team and school, and according to Engram, that kind of mental fortitude is the new normal.
“Thats what this coaching staff and that’s what this university is about,” Engram said.  “Prevailing in adversity, and being strong and having faith. That’s the new normal here.”

Engram excelling on the field has lifted him onto a pedestal so to speak, and he relishes the position that he is in and uses it in a positive manner.
“I thank God every day for the stage he’s put me on,” Engram said. “Just the amount of kids and fan base and how they look up myself and my teammates. Sometimes we take it for granted.”

On the field, Engram’s focus is helping Ole Miss win, and off of it, to help others succeed.

“Our stage that we have as athletes is how we can impact young lives and relate to other people,” Engram said.  “That’s kind of the stage that we are on, to impact lives in a positive way.”