Fadol Brown steps up as the season winds down

Posted on Nov 2 2016 - 8:01am by Cody Thomason

The injury bug has been severe on the Ole Miss football team this season, with key players like Kendarius Webster and Eric Swinney going down with season-ending injuries early in the year and multiple offensive lineman picking up injuries during last week’s game. One of the first injury casualties, senior defensive end Fadol Brown, has been working his way back from a fracture in his foot and was able to see limited action in the last two weeks. 

Defensive Coordinator Dave Wommack said Brown played well against Auburn last Saturday.

“I think it’s nice to have him back, it’s nice to have his mass and his size in there,” Wommack said. 

Wommack said he hoped he would be able to play more snaps this week against Georgia Southern, who have been very effective running the ball this season.

“I hope he feels good enough to do that because I like his size in there, and his strength, and I think he’s a good athlete and when he’s healthy and going he’s one of our best players,” Wommack said.

Brown said while his foot was getting better, he was still dealing with pain.

“It’s mental at this point,” Brown said. “Man, we’re 3-5, I’ll worry about that later. I’m just focused on finishing strong and helping this team with whatever we need to do.”

Fadol Brown

Fadol Brown throws up the landshark after making a tackle during Ole Miss’ loss to Auburn. (Photo by: Marlee Crawford)

Brown said he felt kind of rusty in his two games since returning to the field, especially since his practice time has been limited, but felt significantly better against Auburn last week than he did against LSU.

“I’m just trying to get the flow of things and get my groove back,” Brown said.

As a senior nearing the end of his collegiate career, Brown said it was very important for the team to finish strong and make it to a bowl game.

“We’ve got to win out, that’s just what it is,” Brown said. “We have to win every game from this point on and physically dominate up front, and whatever we need to do defensively to get the job done.”

Now that he’s returned to the field, Brown was prepared to take on more responsibility to help the defense.

“Me, as a leader, and as an older guy, I have to step up and be more vocal, try to provide more energy for the team by making better plays,” Brown said. “Just finding a way to impact the game and help my teammates rise up.”

As a senior leader on the team, Brown was prepared to do whatever it takes to help the team be more successful in the coming weeks. 

“If it’s less reps, more reps, whatever it takes for us to win I’m willing to do,” Brown said.