Historic building moves off Square

Posted on Nov 11 2015 - 9:11am by Taylor Bennett

The Skipworth Cottage, better known as “the little yellow house”, was relocated to Bramlett Boulevard near the Lafayette County and Oxford public library Tuesday for preservation purposes.

(Photo by: Kristen Lusby)

(Photo by: Kristen Lusby)

According to Jim Pryer, chairman of the Historic Properties Commission, the Skipworth Cottage has been situated atop a plaza next to city hall since the mid-70s that serves as a roof for the offices of Oxford’s Retired Seniors Volunteer Program. Pryer said the roof had issues with leaking and mold.

Pryer said the Historic Properties Commission knew the area near the library was a more suitable location for the historic home and decided to relocate it permanently.

“It will become a historic visitor’s site— also, an adjunct site for children for the library and also a meeting place, so we’ve got a lot of uses for it,” Pryer said.

The empty stage area left by the absence of the Skipworth Cottage will become a plaza for Square patrons complete with tables, chairs, planters and lighting.

The commission plans to restore and repaint the cottage so it can be opened for use within the Oxford community. The budget for the entire project, including the move, was set at $35,000, but Pryer said he believes it will cost the city just under.