If you lose your phone

Posted on Apr 17 2013 - 10:18am by Wanfei Wu

If you lost your phone, how would you feel?
Would you feel like you almost lost your whole world?

Would you feel like your daily life had been disrupted?Would you feel that you needed to get another one immediately and that you couldn’t live without it for another minute?
These were my feelings when I lost my phone last Friday. I left it on the couch in Farley Hall for two minutes when I went to listen to a presentation.
When I realized I forgot my phone, I ran back, but it was gone.

I asked the people around, but nobody had seen it. I turned on my laptop, logged into my iCloud account and opened the Find my iPhone app. I tracked my phone, and it was just outside Farley Hall.

I took my laptop to where the map showed me. I didn’t find it. Then, my phone was turned off for a while. I called the police, and the police came. Nothing really happened.
I went out and kept asking people in that area. There were still no clues. When I checked the app again, the point was still outside Farley. My professors came out to help me search for it.

I had turned the sound and vibration off before I went to the presentation.

I called my phone, but I couldn’t hear anything. We searched until my laptop powered off. I had to give up and go back to the building to listen to the presentation.
It seemed that my whole night was destroyed by my missing phone.

After the presentation, I drove back home. I found I still could track my phone, and it was still outside Farley. That night I drove back to Farley and dug out my phone. I just couldn’t believe it was real.

It was a miracle. I finally found my phone; it was buried under the pine leaves outside Farley Hall.
It was embarrassing that this was not the first time I had lost my phone.

However, I realized I rely on my phone more and more. When I lost my phone in high school, I lived without a phone for a month.

It was not a big deal living without a phone at that time.

I told my father I didn’t want a phone anymore.

Nevertheless, it was a big deal for my father. Because he couldn’t contact and track me easily, he had to buy me a new one.
Now, I can’t imagine living without it. Just several hours without it drove me crazy.
Smart phones, laptops, tablets and other new technologies have a dramatic influence on our daily lives.

An increasing number of people depend on new technology a lot.

It seems that a lot of people deal with new technology from the time they wake up until the time they fall asleep. I tried to be away from my laptop and phone for a day. I failed.
It is hard to imagine what would happen if, one day, all technology was gone or the whole world completely lost electricity.

What would our world look like? How would we live? How would we get information?
Do we need to put less dependency on technology? I think we should.

The more we depend on new technologies, the more we put ourselves in a dangerous place.

Wanfei Wu is a second-year graduate integrated marketing communications student from Yunnan Province, China. Follow her on Twitter @WanfeiWu.