Juice bar plans to squeeze into Oxford

Posted on Jul 14 2017 - 2:38pm by Emily Smith

Nashville-based juice bar chain, I Love Juice Bar, will be headed to Oxford in the near future.

Scott Tashie, part-owner of the I Love Juice Bar location in Memphis Tennessee, is currently in the midst of conducting plans for the I love Juice Bar coming to Oxford, Mississippi in the near future. There currently isn’t a set location, although they’ve recently narrowed their locations down to a couple.

“We don’t have an exact location or set date yet. It would be a great fit if we could get it open by 2017, or even early 2018, but there is still no set timeline,” said Tashie.

The juice bar was founded in Nashville, Tennessee, with the idea of providing the community with fresh ingredients, gluten-free cuisine, heart-healthy beverages and a unique ambiance.

As a company though, their concept goes much further than immune-boosting wheatgrass shots, kale smoothies, acaí bowls and an assortment of nutritious meal options.

Their mission strives to not only serve their customers, but to also immerse their company in community-affiliated activities, as well as creating a tight-knit community. As a company, they support other local businesses and have even partnered up with popular companies, such as Orange Theory and Pure Barre.

“We are much more than just a juice place. We source as local as we can and we love interacting with the community. It’s really a special place. We are all in this together and striving for the same mission and Oxford has that kind of sense of community,” said  Tashie. “We tend to become a neighborhood hangout and we try to tie in that sense of community.”

According to Tashie, I Love Juice Bar is the total package, because not only do they pride themselves on authenticity, but they also use natural recipes, consisting of raw ingredients and fresh produce to help curate a savory and unforgettable taste. Not to mention the unique aura that goes along with it.

John Zuffinetti has been the owner of the I Love Juice Bar location in Allen, Texas since January of 2017. He said they focus on utilizing local goods and that because of that, the acaí bowl has some of the freshest ingredients, which help make it so tasty. It is one of the most favored menu items, because of how filling it is. It’s also one of his personal favorites.

“The acaí bowl is delicious. Not only is it the perfect snack for someone that is on the run, but it’s made quickly and It’s full of great ingredients that have so many health benefits. It’s also good to use as a meal replacement,” said Zuffinetti.

I Love Juice Bar uses whole fruits and vegetables with every meal they make, in order to provide customers with the cleanest and most natural ingredients.

“We have a little bit of everything and we use all real ingredients. What you see is what you get. We don’t add things to it. There’s no ice or sugar added. You don’t really get to see that a lot with other places, but we don’t cut corners here,” said Tashie.“Eating healthy hasn’t always had a ton of options, but we make that easy for you. We are your one-stop-shop for smoothies, juices and meals. We kind of have a little bit of everything and there’s something for everyone. “That’s the beauty of juice bars.”

The company has accumulated locations in over 15 states across the country in the span of four years. The juice bar chain was founded  by John and Vui Hunt, a couple from Nashville, Tennessee in April of 2013.

Oxford residents are gearing up for the arrival of the I Love Juice Bar location. One Oxford native in particular, Matthew Babb, is excited that Oxford will be adding yet another healthy food option in town.

“For me, health has always been a number one priority. I’ve always been a health nut, so it’s comforting to know that Oxford has come a long way in regards to healthy eating. I do think that the I love Juice Bar will give us all a better option if you ask me,” Babb said. “The menu offers a variety of a lot of different kinds of food and there’s so much to choose from. This will definitely be a go- to spot for me and I’m sure I’ll even become a regular there.”