Kit Thorn Band to showcase soulful, rock and roll sound at Ajax

Posted on Jul 13 2017 - 12:55pm by Shelice Benson

Consisting of four members, Kit Thorn Jones, Trey Stanford, Ray J Brown and Tyler Daniels, the Kit Thorn Band is an independent group that has been making rounds on the Oxford music scene since spring 2017. However, that is not where their journey began.

Kit Thorn Jones, the band’s lead vocalist and rhythm guitar player, and Trey Sanford, lead guitarist, have been playing music together for two years. It wasn’t until spring 2017 that Brown joined as the keys player, and Daniels made his debut as the drummer a few months ago.

“I met Kit about two years ago at Blue Canoe in Tupelo,” Sanford said. “Kit, Ray J and Tyler had known each other back when they attended Itawamba Community College.”

The name “Kit Thorn Band” is after lead vocalist, Kit Thorn Jones.

kit thorn band

Photo courtesy: Kit Thorn Band

“What’s important is the talent and ability that each person brings to the group,” Jones said. “It may have my name on it, but without Tyler, Ray and Trey there would be no band.”

This wasn’t the first name the group decided on. Through trial and error, they concluded the band’s official name should be Kit Thorn Band.

“We tried a bunch of names; however, a lot of them were already taken and Kit Thorn Band just seemed to stick,” Sanford said.

The rock and roll/blues/folk band says their sound is a mix between Fleetwood Mac and Tedeschi Trucks Band, and they have been influenced by Jimi Hendrix Experience, The White Stripes, Cream and The Black Keys.

“There is the bluegrass rock feel that we have going on that I really dig,” Brown said. “And Kit has such a soulful voice.”

Like any group, Kit Thorn Band has run into a few obstacles. Each member has a full-time job and personal lives that tend to get in the way of their rehearsals.

“Due to our schedules, it’s hard to get us all into one place at the same time, so rehearsals vary from early mornings to late nights,” Sanford said.

But their love for their music, each other and their fandom is what keeps them motivated to keep pushing forward.

“Every time we play a show it’s an opportunity to share a part of ourselves with other people,” Jones said. “Our music is used as a way to reach out to people, make them smile, or even dance to forget about whatever it is they are worried about at the time and that’s what really motivates  me because I want to make people feel good.”

“I love this band because I get to play with amazing musicians that happen to be my best friends,” Brown said.

Kit Thorn Band has performed all over Mississippi and parts of Alabama, such as Mobile. It is safe to say that their favorite venue is anywhere on the Square in Oxford.

“There is always something interesting going on at night around there,” Sanford said.

The band has an upcoming show at Ajax on July 28, 2017, and are preparing for a fall tour. You can find their music on SoundCloud for free entitled, “New Normal” and can follow them on Instagram at KitThornBand and Facebook at The Kit Thorn Band.