Lessons of the Superdome blackout?

Posted on Feb 7 2013 - 7:30am by Lacey Russell

Last Sunday night millions of people were watching the Super Bowl.

My professor gave me an assignment to watch it and write down my favorite commercial. This was the first time I had ever watched the Super Bowl.
At first, I just paid attention to the commercials because of the assignment. I didn’t totally understand the rules of football. so it was hard to engage in the game itself.
After several touchdowns, I began to understand some of the rules and started to enjoy the game itself.

Beyonce’s fabulous halftime show was very exciting, and the commercials were excellent.
I really appreciated my professor giving me the opportunity to watch the game, but while I was watching, there was a sudden blackout in the Superdome.
I wondered at first if another show was starting, then I heard a voice say the Superdome had lost power. I couldn’t believe a blackout had happened during such an important event — the most popular event in the nation.
After a while, half of the Superdome lit up. The audience was astonished.
Were Mardi Gras celebrations happening a little early in New Orleans this year?

Some fans left the stadium. Cheerleaders were still leading the cheers. The players were sitting on the ground motionless. It was probably good for them because they had time to rest.
Forty-five minutes later, full power was finally restored.
This is not the first time power has gone off at a stadium during a football game, but it was the first time at a Super Bowl.
What was the most memorable thing about Super Bowl XLVII? Beyonce or the blackout?

Without a doubt it was the latter. People always forget the good things, while they are picky and ruthless when bad things happen.
It’s a very similar situation to the Obama inauguration two weeks ago; what was the most “memorable” thing? Beyonce or President Obama? For many it was the former.
Sometimes we can’t see the forest through the trees.

If everything went well, there would be no more news for people to pay attention to.

However, sometimes we should remember there are consequences when these incidents happen.
Who will be at fault over the Superdome power issue? There is no doubt that some people will lose their jobs over this.

However, everyone makes mistakes; perhaps we should be more lenient.
We cannot take people’s dedication and efforts for granted and only focus on their flaws.

Wanfei Wu is a second-year graduate integrated marketing communications student from Yunnan Province, China. Follow her on Twitter @WanfeiWu.