Letter to the Editor: Thank you, from an Ole Miss letterman

Posted on Jun 22 2017 - 8:17am by Jamie W. Howell Jr.

Dear Clay Cavett,

As a person that was lucky enough to be a two sport letterman at Ole Miss, I would like to personally take my hat off to Mr. Clay Cavett, and thank him for all the many things he does to bring attention to and mention all of us lettermen of Ole Miss, young and older, women and men.

It doesn’t seem that all of us old or young lettermen have received the kind of recognition that we are receiving now, not until “Mr. Clay Cavett” came along. It seems that now there is always something special going on for all of us lettermen, thanks, these events are great and always enjoyed.

I do not know what the university pays Clay, but it is not enough!

I know I speak for all lettermen — Clay, thanks for all that you do!

Your friend,

Jamie W. Howell Jr.