Letter Policies

The Daily Mississippian welcomes letters to the editor. Letters would be addressed to The Daily Mississippian, 201 Bishop Hall, P.O. Box 1848, University, MS 38677-1848, or emailed to dmletters@olemiss.edu.

Letters should be typed, double-spaced and no longer than 300 words. Letters may be edited for clarity, space or libel. Third-party letters and those bearing pseudonyms, pen names or “names withheld” will not be published. Publication is limited to one letter per individual per calendar month.

Letters should include phone and email contact information so editors can verify authenticity. Letters from students should include grade classification and major; letters from faculty and staff should include title and the college, school or department in which the individual is employed.

Letters which include personal attacks on any person, people groups, companies or organizations will not be published.

Those who are interested in writing frequently for The Daily Mississippian’s Opinion section should email thedmopinion@gmail.com. The Daily Mississippian welcomes any writer who is a current undergraduate enrolled in 12 or more hours.