Letter to the editor

Posted on Apr 3 2014 - 6:53am by Sanford Moore

Dear editor,

I do not think you are taking the correct assumption of the fraternity community in your article “Direspect from unfulfilled promises.” The way you wrote the article comes with absolutely no point of view from the fraternity men. When you say that “all has been done in the past six weeks is plan and participate in spring parties,” you are dead wrong. We are sick of this stereotype because it is not true. You are not the one sitting in chapter meetings discussing the incident and thinking of ways to prevent further incidents. Believe me, fraternities are doing this. We want the incidents to discontinue.

I understand your disappointment with no immediate action, but there is no immediate action possible. The only thing that can happen will be fraternities extending invitations to African American potential new members during fall rush. I am proud to say that my fraternity, Sigma Chi Eta Chapter, has welcomed multiple African American members in the past few years. Other fraternities have as well. I encourage all fraternities on campus to follow these actions.

Racism is an individual problem and not necessarily an institutional problem. All the institution can do is educate its members and hope their individual actions reflect the views of the institution as a whole. Nobody is “being disrespectful” and “ignoring a promise,” particularly the fraternity presidents, so there is no reason to blast them.


Sanford Moore
Risk Management and Insurance, Class of 2014