LUTHI brings funk music experience to Proud Larry’s tomorrow night

Posted on Jan 31 2017 - 8:00am by Austin Hille

Tomorrow night, experimental funk act LUTHI will be bringing its unique brand of music to Proud Larry’s for a free event. However, as explained by the group’s frontman, Christian Luthi, there is much more to look forward to than just some music and drinks.

“When you watch a big funk show, some of the old recordings and stuff I’ve watched, as soon as you show up you feel like you have something in common with the people around you,” Christian said. “It’s a land hopefully free of judgement. It’s just being you.”

And although the group may fall within the purview of “funk music,” Christian additionally stresses that such a title may not be completely fair to what the group sets out to create.

“There are really a variety of things that we are trying to do,” Christian said. “I would definitely say funk is the first category… I would say indie pop funk, something like that. We just capitalize on creative old school vibes.”

In order to obtain such a sound, the group is committed to not tracking during recording sessions but rather to performing all recordings live to keep an authentic and organic style.

Christian pulls some of his biggest musical inspiration from acts like Marvin Gaye, Queen, Talking Heads and Kool & The Gang. As a student of vocal performance, he is able to appreciate a truly talented singer but also gleans certain performance aspects from groups all across the board.

“It’s funny to talk about influences and the way they affect us,” Christian said. “With things happening right now, I don’t know [what influences us]. We are really trying to do something different. Like if I could tell you exactly what we were, that wouldn’t be a good sign.”

Aside from a unique sound, Christian also firmly believes that LUTHI sets itself apart from the current industry with its astounding live show which is an exhibition of pure technical ability and showmanship.

“The biggest thing that separates us is the show, the experience of it. The musicianship of these guys is just unfathomable,” Christian said. “I went to school for music, and meeting these guys and being able to play with them is just such a blessing.”

Unlike most groups, in addition to Oxford, LUTHI will be stopping in Jackson and performing two shows in Tupelo. The state of Mississippi has a unique draw for the group and perfectly reflects the kind of audience it is targeting at this time.

“We have two guys in our band that I have known for literally seven years, and they grew up in Meridian, Mississippi,” Christian said. “I really want to hit spots where there are good people who will come in and appreciate the tunes that we do. It’s not like Nashville, L.A. or New York… I love the vibe of the state.”

LUTHI currently only has one EP released, titled “Home Again.” The group is now working to release a second live project sometime in April, as well as a brand new single this Friday titled “Electric Muse.” But when it comes to a full length album, the group is in no rush.

“We are definitely perfectionists,” Christian said. “We have such an array of material right now, but we are just putting out things that we concretely believe are a solid representation of ourselves.”

LUTHI will be performing a free show tomorrow night at Proud Larry’s. Doors open at 8 p.m. and the show starts at 9 p.m.