Mississippi In Brief

Posted on Mar 3 2016 - 9:33pm by Lizzie McIntosh

Or Pascagoula. This week, Mississippi legislators voted to name a Gulf Coast beach in Pascagoula “Buffett Beach,” after Mississippi native Jimmy Buffett. According to the Sun Herald, the bill passed easily, with a total of votes in favor 119-1. Buffett was born in Pascagoula before he moved to Mobile. The bill has now moved to the state Senate for further debate. Until then, it’s searching for its lost shaker of salt.

Unless you’re a part of an execution, apparently. The Mississippi State Senate passed Bill 2237, a.k.a the “Execution Secrecy Bill,” which is now being moved to the House. According to the Clarion-Ledger, this bill ensures that the names of employees and family members present at executions are undisclosed to the public. The measure also said anyone who is found disclosing a name could be sued in civil court. Opponents to the bill are arguing rights of the First Amendment that guarantee freedom of speech and publication. Similar bills have been adopted in other state legislatures, although prior restrictions on publication are normally deemed unconstitutional. The legislation will move forward later this month.

Without Morgan Freeman and Oscar nominations. A capital murder suspect has become the talk of national news after escaping from a Mississippi county jail on Wednesday. According to Fox News, the suspect, Rafael McCloud, escaped the prison using a weapon he made himself to hold a jail employee hostage before taking his clothes. Over 30 officers are on the search committee and the Vicksburg-Warren School District has placed schools on lockdown. Vicksburg Police Chief Walter Armstrong warned the public, “he is armed and desperate and extremely dangerous.”

The first vote to legalize marijuana in Mississippi was rejected on Tuesday with a loss of 99 rejecting votes to 29 votes in favor. Representative Steve Holland proposed the amendment; he said he believes it is time for Mississippi to decide where it stands on the subject. According to the Daily Journal, he said his constituents have been asking him to legalize marijuana and he believes that its legalization would be cost-effective to the state. This is the first time the Mississippi House has voted on legislation regarding marijuana in decades. It seems Mary Jane will be on vacation in Colorado for a good bit longer.

– Lizzie McIntosh