New social media app Trio launches Wednesday

Posted on Mar 5 2015 - 7:48am by Julie Laberge


A new social media app called Trio became available for download on Wednesday. Trio is aiming to be the next big consumer creation platform in media mashups.

Misha Leybovich, the CEO of Meograph, has been working on Trio for a year along with co-founder and CTO Clay Garrett.

“Remix culture is coming to social media,” Leybovich said. “Mashups are emerging as a mainstream art form for communication and expression among friends.”

This new app allows users to easily mix together assets, such as photos, videos and GIFs, from several sources and allows the user to also add music, audio and text. Users can also make these mixes using their own or other people’s social media, such as friends and celebrities.

“Trio makes it easy to remix other people’s (friends, celebs, brands) assets (Instagrams, Vines, GIFs, iTunes) into awesome mashups, putting the world of popular media at your fingertips,” Leybovich said.

Users can also create Trio’s together as well as enjoy watching content from other creators.

“[Through] challenges, you and your friends can create Trios together around a fun, common theme. Have a blast putting together memes, memories and inside jokes,” according to the app’s description on iTunes.

The ability to use third-party assets is really what sets Trio apart from other social media apps. While other photo-video apps only allow use of content from your own camera roll, Trio is “making the world of third-party assets easily available.”

This also makes Trio unique in the sense that you don’t have to be doing something awesome to be involved in it. Leybovich explained by means of a common example: people like to post about their vacations, however, not everyone is going on amazing vacations.

“With Trio you can just be creative, so you can look cool even if you’re not doing cool activities all the time,” Leybovich said.

Addison Sullivan, junior psychology major, recently downloaded the app. She is still learning it, but she can already see herself using it.

“It is actually really interesting. I have never made a mashup before because it seemed like something you needed a lot of technical smarts to do, but this seems easy. So far it is a pretty fun app,” Sullivan said.

The simplicity of the app was one of the goals Leybovich mentioned.

“Usually with mashups you need to have something like Final Cut Pro, if you even know how to use it, and other things that make them difficult, but with Trio, we have made it so that anyone can do it. Everything you need in one app,” Leybovich said.

Trio also connects users to the content they are seeing.

“Just like Pinterest, we do linked attribution to every asset used,” Leybovich said. “This gives users the ability to, when they see something they like, be taken right to the site it came from.”

Trio is a product of Meograph, a company that “lets you engage your consumes in creating unique multimedia content.” The company’s two products prior to Trio were more web based and not as successful as hoped; however, the Meograph team believes that with the knowledge they have accumulated over the past two and a half years of making and selling media creation products, that Trio will prove that third times the charm.

Leybovich and the Meograph team encourage feedback and invite everyone to send their reviews or suggestions to

Julie Laberge