Ole Miss tuition to increase this fall

Posted on Jun 8 2017 - 10:10am by Mrudvi Bakshi

Incoming students must brace themselves for an expected hike in tuition fees across all Mississippi public universities.

The Mississippi Institute of Higher Learning has announced there will be an increase in tuition fees starting fall 2017 at Mississippi’s eight public universities. The measure is intended to compensate for the state budget cut announced earlier this year.

According to the IHL, fees throughout the state are expected to rise by an average of $454 to $7,413. The University of Mississippi is expected to see an increase in non-resident fees by approximately 6.6 percent and in-state tuition is to shoot up by around 6.7 percent.

Many students are away for the summer but those on campus are fretting on hearing about the recent development.

“I’m not completely aware about how much the fees will go up, but the thought of it is has got us worried,” said Sneha Patel, a junior in biochemistry.

“I’m looking forward to the upcoming semester and really hope the increase does not stress (students) out too much,” Patel said.

Some students are raising concern that it will deter prospective students.

“What is the yardstick in considering a hike in fees,” graduate student Amish Nelson said.

Nelson said his friend is planning on moving to Oxford to attend Ole Miss, and is just now learning it will be more expensive.

“It’s unjustified looking at the current economic situation and demotivating for newcomers,” Nelson said.

Others think the tuition increase will yield better results in the long run.

“Increase in fees will enable the university to invest in development of facilities required for research,” said Vimal Sharma, doctoral research scholar at the school of pharmacy.

“This will also mean parents and students will expect a lot in terms of quality of education at the institution, and I’m positive we can match up to it,” Sharma said.

The admissions department at the university was unavailable for comment at the time of publication.

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Cost of attendance across public universities in Mississippi as provided by the Mississippi college board:

Cost combines both fall and spring semesters along with the percentage increase in comparison to the current academic year:

Alcorn State University: 6,878, up by 5.1 percent

Delta State University: 6,739, with an approximately 7 percent hike, with an additional $60 as semester facilities charge

Jackson State University: 7,501, up by 5 percent (includes a $50-a-semester facilities fee and $10-a-semester activities fee)

Mississippi State University: 8,208 (up by approximately 7 percent, inclusive of a $50-a-semester facilities charge and a $5-a-semester activities fee

Mississippi University for Women: 6,514 (goes up by a little over 9 percent, and also includes a $50 semester facilities charge)

Mississippi Valley state university: 6,402 (up by 5 percent with a $10 semester activities fee)

University of Mississippi: 8,190 (goes up by 6.7 percent includes a $50-a-semester facilities fee and a $5-a-semester activities fee).

University of Southern Mississippi: 8,108 (up by 7.3 percent)

University of Mississippi Medical Center: 8,268 (increased by a 7.1 percent)