Open letter to students

Posted on Apr 10 2014 - 7:11am by Dan Jones


Last week, opinion articles in the Daily Mississippian called on members of our Greek-letter organizations to make good on their public pledge to take action in opening doors, becoming more inclusive and promoting inclusion.  Although it may not be apparent to the broader campus community, we are aware of movement on that front—some Greek-letter organizations are engaged in discussions about how best to move forward. Likewise, we were witness to the inauguration of our new Associated Student Body (ASB) leadership. The new ASB President and Vice President both shared their vision of a united student body and a campus where all students feel welcome all of the time. We are inspired by this shared commitment to make The University of Mississippi a better place, and with this letter we add our words of encouragement.

Our Creed reinforces key values—the values of respect, fairness, and civility. Challenging discussions can test those values, but if we are to have meaningful dialogue and make real progress, it is important to hold those values close. Now is the time that we work together as the family we hold dear. We urge our student leaders to join together in accomplishing the very important goal of making this a better campus for everyone. We will also continue to commit our leadership as an instrument to help our campus community be a more inclusive place for all.

We offer our support to student organizations as they evaluate their practices, embrace diversity, make this a welcoming place for all, and implement real change. We thank you for your leadership and for the hard work that will make this campus a better place.

Dan Jones, M.D.



Brandi Hephner LaBanc, Ed.D.

Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs