Party-planning app organizes Oxonian events

Posted on Sep 9 2015 - 10:57pm by Isabella Caruso

Keeping up with events on campus is hard. Between academic groups, social gatherings and downright parties, it’s hard to keep the necessary separated from the optional.

In response to these scheduling woes,  developers are flocking to create new tools tailored to the many needs of their tech-savvy clientele.

Noah Johnson, founder and CEO of Toga, said he wanted to create a platform that could answer students’ questions about the various events relevant to their lives.

“I like that the Toga app is so organized,” sophomore music major Colleen Chauncey said. “All the events at Ole Miss that I would want to attend are advertised in one common place, so I can always know what’s going on and never miss out on anything.”

“We simply curate all the events relevant to a college student and put them in one easy-to-use calendar feed,” Johnson said.

Johnson said Toga’s goal is to provide a way for students to plan their social lives. The app supplies sports schedules, important academic dates and the dates of concerts and other events happening around campus at their individual universities.

Students are able to promote any event by registering with the app. Private events can be promoted on an invite-only basis and all students invited are automatically put into a group chat within the app. Open events can be advertised to the student body on the home feed of the app. Students may also tag other students on the app to alert them of a specific event nearby.

Johnson said precautions are made to validate Toga online casino as a strictly students-only platform. Only verified students with a university-assigned email address are able to promote events on the app.

“All public events are approved by someone on the Toga team to limit any spam or inappropriate events,” Johnson said.

When a student is interested in an event, they can indicate their attendance on Toga. The app then allows students to manage upcoming events, as well as view other students’ profiles and personal calendars.

“Our users no longer have to check Facebook and ticketing websites or text their friends,” Johnson said. “It’s all there for them on the app.”

In the app’s ‘peek’ feature, students are able to browse social calendars from universities across the country.

“Soon, we will be rolling out a feature to let students look into any college, so they can see when to road trip to their best friend’s school or peek into their rival college,” said Johnson.

Toga also provides a tool for fraternities and sororities to promote social and philanthropic events.

Colin Sullivan, a junior integrated marketing communications major, said the app gives fraternities a simpler way of promoting philanthropic and social functions without having to use Facebook.