Rapper SilaS bringing his relaxed, relatable sound to Proud Larry’s tonight

Posted on Nov 17 2016 - 5:21pm by Danielle Randall

Photo courtesy: SilaS

SilaS, a Jackson native who has been rapping for about 10 years now, released his new album, “The Day I Died,” in February and will be bringing his talents to Proud Larry’s tonight.

The album includes famed song “Gullah Gullah Island,” which was inspired by a cartoon of the same name.

Music has always been apart of SilaS’ life. At a young age, his father, who is an accomplished saxophonist, instilled in him a passion for music.

I make music as a self-therapy and motivation. I also do it for people who share similar life experiences with me,” Silas said.

Originally performing under the alias TreyParkerMusic, he changed his performance name to SilaS for personal and professional reasons; Silas is his birth name. He is a third generation Silas in his family.

Since he first began rapping, SilaS has learned to accept who he is as a person by being comfortable with who he is and who he is becoming. This realization allows him to be completely honest in his music, as self-love is important to him.

In addition, he said his biggest challenge iskeeping negative people away from his situation.

“I feel like the key to longevity is keeping positive vibes around at all times,” SilaS said.

One of his entertainer inspirations is his favorite artist, Kanye West. In creating his music, Silas is inspired by emotions driven by his real life occurrences. SilaS also loves to look to nostalgic memories and vintage films for inspiration.

“He inspired me to pursue hip-hop professionally. He changed the scope of hip-hop immensely, which paved the way for artists of my caliber today,” said SilaS.

Famed artists including Michael Jackson, Babyface, Outkast and Busta Rhymes also influence his music. He is also a huge fan of composer Danny Elfman.

When creating his music, SilaS describes the process as having to be innate, unrushed and relaxed.

“It’s a feeling process. It has to be natural. I just wait for life to happen and let it move me in the direction I need to go,” SilaS said.

SilaS said his favorite part of performing is seeing crowd participation.

“It still amazes me when I see someone I’ve never met in my life rapping the words to my song along with me at a concert,” SilaS said.

Some students at the university are big fans of SilaS and are excited to see his performance Thursday night.

“As a Jackson native myself, I am thrilled to know that SilaS is performing here in Oxford. I have been a fan of his from the beginning,” Ole Miss student Candace Smith said.

Other students love his music for its honesty.

“His music speaks truth, and it is always relatable,” Joseph Eubanks said.

SilaS will be performing at Proud Larry’s this Thursday, Nov. 17, at 9 p.m., and doors open at 8 p.m. Tickets can be purchased both online and at the door for $5. For more information about SilaS, visit www.dear-silas.com.