Campus police respond to suspicious person report

Posted on Feb 22 2017 - 7:38pm by Jack Orloff

University Police responded to a suspicious person call last week in front of the Delta Delta Delta and Kappa Delta sorority houses on campus.

Thursday night, UPD responded to a report of an individual moving around the front yards of the two sorority houses. UPD identified the suspect as a male driving a white construction van. No arrests have been made at this time.

“It was reported that an individual of Hispanic descent was outside on the porch area of the Kappa Delta house looking in the windows,” UPD Lt. Kendall Brown said.

Brown said UPD received reports of the same man asking to use the restroom at Crosby Hall and peering inside the residence hall through students’ windows.

“I guess he was looking in some of the windows at the dorm as well,” Brown said. “When we got there, he was gone, so when he got discovered he probably just ran.”

UPD declined to comment further on the suspect’s identity. Brown said the investigation is ongoing and no charges have been brought on the suspect.

At this time, the department has advised students to take well-lit and populated routes when walking around campus and to avoid being alone at functions.

UPD also advises students to remember there are Code Blue phones across campus that can be used to contact the police immediately in case of trouble.

Though this is an ongoing investigation, campus is still operating under “normal” conditions, according to UPD’s emergency information website.
UPD is encouraging students to carry a cell phone and remember UPD’s emergency phone number, 662-915-4911. Students may also request a police escort on campus by calling UPD’s non-emergency number at 662-915-7234.