Staff editorial: Social media is an often-unused voice for change

Posted on Apr 18 2016 - 7:01am by SMC Administrator

Staff editorial 

This weekend, the University of Mississippi saw the power social media has to inspire change. What began as one Facebook post grew into an investigation within just 24 hours of its posting. The rise of social media as a public platform has given way to social justice on a level previously unseen.

Anyone, anywhere can inspire change.

Perhaps more moving, however, is the courage and power of individuals who are willing to speak up about such issues. After the original post, other students came forward with similar statements; someone just had to break the ice.

Existing issues on the Ole Miss campus may never come to light if individuals do not point out that which they believe does not follow the University of Mississippi’s Creed. The great voice social media provides is useless when we are silent.

As students, we at The Daily Mississippian encourage you to reach out when you see misconduct. We, as The Daily Mississippian, promise to hear you.

If anyone would like to contact The DM with concerns or issues in need of attention, email