Ten things to do before September

Posted on Aug 26 2013 - 8:57am by Grant Beebe

Ten Things to Do Before September

1. Ask an older friend to escort you to the “Doorknob” one evening and enjoy the ride.

2. Visit the gravesite of William Faulkner and leave him something. You never can have too much luck going for you with all you will be writing.

3. Drive around the Square as many times as you can handle.

4. Visit a historical property. Rowan Oak?

5. The Square is great, but it isn’t all of Oxford. Find somewhere else to eat and hangout.

6. Wander to Sardis and look at the sky. Appreciate the peace before the beginning of this semester.

7. Visit Square Books, find something unquestionably unique, and read in the Grove on a blanket.

8. Visit the Powerhouse and enjoy the gifts of the Oxford-University artists.

9. Visit the Confederate Cemetery.

10. Buy your first comfort colors tee at Rebel Rags or Oxford TeeShirt Company. Look the part and be ready.