How to survive Black Friday shopping madness

Posted on Nov 17 2017 - 7:57am by Holly Hicks

Black Friday — a consumer’s dream and a retail employee’s nightmare. No matter if you are a fan of the holiday or someone who runs for cover from the bargain shoppers and early risers, it’s hard to escape the promotional signs that are plastered all over storefront windows. If you are one of the shoppers who dare to venture into the shopping centers, it’s important to know the “Do’s and the Don’ts” in order to get the best out of Black Friday.


Do expect some of the Black Friday Deals to start Thursday.

As Black Friday has become more popular over the years, retailers have begun to take advantage of the fact that Black Friday does not have to start on Friday. Keep in mind that not all companies start their promos Thursday. It’s important to investigate some of the stores you want to check out, just in case. Who knows? You might get to buy that flat screen for a “friend” a little earlier than everyone else.


Don’t be competitive or rude.


Black Friday deals are amazing, but they should not make you want to fight someone. Everyone has seen videos from the internet that feature deal seekers getting way too aggressive about that last pair of half-off Nike shoes. Let it go, y’all. If you find yourself in this predicament, think of it as “You know what? I’m going to do a good deed,” and let that person take the last item. You’ll feel good about yourself, and you may make someone’s day.


Do wear comfy shoes

You are going to be running around — dress smart! You will have a hard time keeping up with the crowds if you focus on how uncomfortable you are, so think ahead. Black Friday is not one of those events you have to dress up for, so wear those baggy sweatpants and loose T-shirt. You will be happy you did.


Don’t buy sale items impulsively

I get it. It is so hard to not take full advantage of every neat little gadget that is 75 percent off. You may think you want that fun iPhone case, but you probably don’t need it. Always ask yourself if the product would be beneficial or could make a good gift for someone. Those fun little trinkets retail stores place by the register are there for a reason. Don’t get tricked into impulse buying.


Do carpool

If you are Black Friday shopping with a group of friends, try to carpool to the stores together. Traffic will be horrible, and the parking lots will be even worse. Save some time and convenience by piling in together. You will have more fun navigating through the streets, and it is more sensible. You guys are meeting up at the same place, so carpooling makes it easier.


Don’t forget to make a game plan.

This is important — before you hit the road, make a list of all the stores you want to visit. Map out where you want to start your Black Friday and decide what store you want to visit last. It makes the entire shopping experience more enjoyable, and with a strategy already planned out, you won’t be running all over the place. Make a wish list, too. Take a count of all of the presents you plan on giving out this year and use this list as a guide for stores.

Finally, my dear readers, enjoy your Black Friday! Black Friday can be fun, so make the most of it. If for some reason you were not able to find that specific item, Small Business Saturday is the next day. Celebrate your community and support businesses — Happy Shopping.