2/23/19: Weekend Protests

Rebel players kneel, overshadow neo-Confederate march on campus

Devontae Shuler knelt for 63 seconds on Saturday. The basketball team’s historic on-court protest was brief, yet it overshadowed a day’s worth of neo-Confederate demonstrations happening at the same time in the heart of campus. The sophomore Rebel took to his knee as the opening notes of “The Star Spangled Banner” played in The Pavillion. Twenty seconds later, five of his teammates had joined...


Report declares Trump didn’t coordinate with Russia

The DM News

WASHINGTON (AP) — The Justice Department declared Sunday that special counsel Robert Mueller’s long investigation did not find evidence that President Donald Trump’s campaign “conspired or coordinated” with Russia to influence the 2016 presidential election, setting off celebrations of vindication by Trump and his supporters. Mueller also investigated whether Trump obstructed justice but...


Rebels’ season ends with early exit from NCAA Tournament

Ole Miss had its trip to the dance cut short, falling to Oklahoma 95-72 in the first round of the NCAA Tournament and ending the 2018-19 campaign. It was all Oklahoma, as the Sooners were able to enjoy a 20-point lead for the majority of the contest behind an impressive shooting performance. Oklahoma coasts to a second-round matchup against Virginia, but the Rebels will head home with their heads...

Arts & Culture

University Museum will celebrate ‘sense of place’ with new exhibit

The University Museum will begin to display artist and curator William Dunlap’s exhibition “Meditations on the Origins of Agriculture in America” with a reception on Monday at 4 p.m., featuring works that celebrate springtime as part of a two-day symposium that will include landscapes and written proses from 39 writers and artists, including Dunlap. The debut will be held at the museum and...

Special Report on Racism: Beyond

Still ‘bitter and bloody’: How George Hall’s namesake continues to silence voters

Sandwiched between paragraphs outlining James Zachariah George’s biography, the George Hall contextualization plaque says, “George was most responsible for crafting the ‘Mississippi Plan,’ a program of voter intimidation, violent repression and riot aimed at returning his state to white Democratic rule.” The plaque goes on to say this repression was “bitter and bloody,” and that the...


Letter from the editor: Why student journalists are moderating this year’s ASB debate

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This election season, we’re changing some things. When our team of student media managers returned to campus this past fall, we wanted to make a difference in the way this student body interacted with its Associated Student Body representatives. To us, one of the most direct ways to put a new mentality into how student government elections happen on this campus was to make the ASB debate more reflective...