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BREAKING: Sigma Alpha Epsilon closes Ole Miss chapter

Updated with a statement from the university at 8 a.m., Wednesday: The Sigma Alpha Epsilon, also referred to as SAE, national headquarters has closed its chapter at the University of Mississippi due to health-and-safety concerns and members not upholding the fraternity’s national standards for behavior. All current members of the chapter have been suspended from the fraternity indefinitely and...


TV review: Latest season of Black Mirror fails to deliver

black mirror

All six episodes of the fourth season of the critically-acclaimed Netflix series “Black Mirror” were released last week, giving fans plenty of content to binge watch at the end of the holiday season and into the new year. Over the past three seasons, “Black Mirror” has offered viewers twisted tales of technology with an almost nihilistic spin, a “Twilight Zone” for the internet age. Season...


Letter to the editor: George Withers

dm opinion

In the past few years, the media has had a field day talking about the negatives regarding fraternities, and many are now proposing that they be kicked off college campuses. As ridiculous as that sounds to some, others find that idea not too far-fetched with the recent events in LSU, Penn State and Texas State. I urge everyone to stop generalizing fraternity life, as the recent events in no way,...