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Fall convocation: Bryan Stevenson challenges class of 2021 to change the world

“I believe that you have the capacity to change the world,” Bryan Stevenson said. “We need a generation of people who are prepared to say things that haven’t been said and prepared to do things that haven’t been done.” The class of 2021 and transfer students gathered together in the Pavilion on Tuesday night for this year’s freshman convocation. Bryan Stevenson, author of ‘Just...


Column: An ode to the high school hero from a high school hero

Five seconds to go, your team is down by two and you have “the rock” 18 feet from the hoop in front of a gymnasium full of screaming people. One last Hail Mary pass arching down a sideline filled by awestruck, silent fans, and you sky to make the grab. Or it’s bases loaded, one run game, two outs with a full count and you are choking up on the bat, planning on pushing a single over the...


Weekly playlist: Back to school, I guess

Howdy, friends. My name is Alice, and I’m revamping my weekly music column you may have remembered from a while back.  A little bit about me: I’m a senior journalism major from Meridian, and I love all things music.  I’m hoping to go to law school one day, but for now, working my job at The Lyric Oxford as an intern suits me just fine. Since you’re reading this, it can mean only one thing...


Opinion: Rethinking social media politics

If you’re anything like me, you may find yourself hesitating to open social media after a polarizing political event. Once-tame Facebook feeds become cesspools of misinformation and inflammatory comments, with the occasional breath of fresh air in the form of a post involving puppies. This tires me out and occasionally disgusts me. Even for someone with strong opinions, it makes me want to never...