DUI arrests in city rise as population grows

(Photo/Logan Kirkland)

(Photo/Logan Kirkland) Following a rise in population, driving under the influence arrests are at a high in Oxford compared to recent years, which has required local law enforcement to become more equipped to deal with drivers under the influence. An average of 10 to 20 DUI arrests are made every week in Oxford, according to Oxford Police Chief Joey East.  He said the student population has grown...


Questions surrounding SEC Media Days

Mississippi quarterback Bo Wallace looks prepares for a pass during an NCAA college football game on Sept. 14, 2013, in Austin,  Texas. (Photo/Austin McAfee)

There’s no Johnny Manziel to steal the spotlight this time around. The main storyline last year in Hoover, Ala., was former Texas A&M quarterback and current Cleveland Brown Johnny Manziel being kicked out of The Manning Passing Academy for missing meetings and “oversleeping” his meetings and camp activities. It’s a new year and a new batch of storylines for the 2014 SEC Media Days in...


Proud Larry’s performance kicks off Andrew Combs’ tour


Courtesy Proud Larry’s hosted singer-songwriter Andrew Combs Wednesday night. Combs, based in Nashville, Tenn., but originally from Dallas, effectively brings his Texas heritage and current Tennessee environment into his lyrics and instrumentals. His music can be described as a blend of vintage country and folk, tied together by eloquent songwriting. This genre of music is due to...


In praise of working students


At my freshman orientation, I felt like a piece of flypaper for collegiate cliches. One proverb I heard from an upperclassman has stuck with me: “School; friends; sleep: pick two.” Obviously, whoever coined this saying did not have to work through school. For six months of my sophomore year I worked in food service with a group of people who debunked all the myths I’d heard about my lazy millennial...