2018 Olympics: Best- and worst-dressed

Posted on Feb 12 2018 - 8:00am by Sam Harres and Ethel Mwedziwendira

Resident fashion experts Sam Harres and Ethel Mwedziwendira took a look at the best- and worst-dressed teams at the 2018 Olympic Opening Ceremony. 

Italy: Best-Dressed

Sam: Details matter. And aside from World Wars, the Italians love their details. The jackets are clean, and their scarves accent the piece well. A classy and understated look.

Ethel: Not to sound like Anna Wintour, but you either know fashion or you don’t, and, well, the Italians know their fashion. They entered the stadium wearing blue outfits and long padded jackets designed by Giorgio Armani.

USA: Best-Dressed

Sam: With Ralph Lauren-designed sweaters and tan, fringed gloves, Team USA could just have easily spent the afternoon unwinding at a cozy mountain ski resort. These outfits scream “we’re better than you” in a very fitting way.

Ethel: Although I’m not a fan of the fringed gloves, the outfits were the highlight of the entire Opening Day. The team looked sharp and patriotic in its attire. The best part about the outfits? They have special heating elements that will keep the athletes toasty during the games.

Bermuda: Worst-Dressed 

Sports editor Sam Harres: Low marks to the Bermudans. Wind chill in the single digits, and they break out the shorts. Oh well. Do it for the culture.

Design editor Ethel Mwedziwendira: The Bermudians are those kids from up North who live in the South and wear shorts during the winter but try to play it off all cool even though they’re probably about to get hypothermia.

Australia: Worst-Dressed 

Sam: Australia’s flag is red, white and blue, so, naturally, the Australians chose dull gray and green for their opening ceremony attire. The look was atrocious, and it felt lazy. It felt uninspired. Totally out of character for the Aussies.

Ethel: This was a very dull outfit choice by the Australians. Instead of going with their flag’s colors, they went with gray jackets and neon green hats. Simple but dull.


Honorable Mention: Tonga

Sam: Tonga was led through the opening ceremony by a shirtless man in a traditional skirt waving the Tongan flag. I wonder what Tonga’s baby oil budget looks like, because that man was glistening.

Ethel: The oiled-up Tongan flag bearer by the name of Pita Taufatofua is back, and I’m here for it. Like during the 2016 Rio Olympics, he came out shirtless and all oiled up and had the ladies, including myself, speechless. Keep it up Tonga.