ASB secondary runoff Election Day guide

Posted on Apr 9 2019 - 5:50am by DM Staff Report

Ole Miss students will have the opportunity to elect either Sarah Doty or Charlotte Shackelford as their next Associated Student Body vice president today, after 22 days of campaigning and two prior elections.

The secondary runoff was announced on April 4 because of complications that had occurred within the Attorney General’s office during the election.

Judicial Council Chair Alex Crouch released a report last week detailing how the Attorney General’s office had incorrectly disqualified Doty from the vice presidential race and why the second runoff was necessary to allow equal opportunity for both candidates to campaign.

The day before the first runoff, Doty’s campaign was cited with a different violation for one member of the campaign team campaigning outside of dorms and offering students a personal laptop to vote.

On Tuesday evening when the initial election results were announced, Shackelford received 127 votes more than Doty, but the results of the first runoff election have not been released by the Attorney General’s office.

Read our profiles here on both of the candidates before heading to the polls.

Students can vote online through their myOleMiss accounts between 7 a.m. and 7 p.m. today by opening the “Get Involved” tab and click on “Vote in Student Elections.”