Jason Dyer named Oxford Police Department Officer of the Year

Posted on Jan 29 2018 - 7:58am by Kendall Patterson

In 2016, Oxford Police Department’s Officer Jason Dyer received the Newcomer of the Year Award following his first year on the force. Now, just after completing his second year, Dyer is being recognized as 2017’s Officer of the Year.

“I was emotional because every one of these guys work their butts off every year, every day,” Dyer said. “I was fortunate enough to have a really good year last year.”

Officer Jason Dyer stands in front of his patrol car with his dog. Dyer was just named the Oxford Police Department “Officer of the Year”. Photo by Billy Schuerman

Oxford Mayor Robyn Tannehill presented Dyer with the award on earlier this month, at an event at the Jefferson.

Dyer, 38, said he always wanted to be a police officer. But before he was an officer, he worked various other jobs in order to support his wife, Heather, and their two sons, who are 17 and 15.

Dyer worked in manufacturing field for about five years after graduating from Pontotoc High School in 1997, followed by jobs at Southern Motion Furniture and the Ashley Furniture Company.

It wasn’t until finishing his 20 weeks of education at the Jackson Police Training Academy that he was able to finally live his dream.

“I’m happy with what I’m doing. I’m tickled to death to be able to do what I always wanted to do, and the sense of pride you get from helping the public and people in general … It’s very satisfying,” Dyer said. “It’s easy to go home at night and lay your head down on your pillow and know you have done the best you could that day.”

The Officer of the Year Award is chosen “in house,” which means all the officers at the police department vote to decide on the best officer that year.

“I was overwhelmed with the sense of pride that you get from winning something, especially from your coworkers,” Dyer said.

Officer Jason Dyer must put a body camera on his chest before patrolling the area. In just his second year on the force, Dyer was named the Oxford Police Department “Officer of the Year.” Photo by Billy Schuerman

Lt. David Sabin nominated Dyer as Officer of the Year ahead of this year’s vote. Before Dyer was on the K-9 unit, he worked on Sabin’s shift.

“He was always the guy to go the extra mile,” Sabin said. “He’s definitely a community-oriented officer. No matter the circumstance, he keeps a positive attitude.”

Lt. Steve Lewis is Dyer’s patrol captain. He said Dyer has done a great job with the K-9 unit.

“He’s a go-getter and a hard worker, and he never complains,” Lewis said. “He’s a great asset to our department.”

Lewis said Dyer has a strong work ethic, and praised him for his professionalism.

“He respects everybody,” he said. “It doesn’t matter what he’s doing or what the other person is doing. He just respects them. He treats people how they want to be treated, and I think that’s what everyone needs to do.”

Dyer said at the end of the day, it’s about the department as a whole.

“I have some really great coworkers, great lieutenants, great sergeants and a great chief that supports us and stands behind us and helps us,” Dyer said. “Oxford Police Department is really a great department.”