Mississippi laws: What’s new this month

Posted on Jul 5 2018 - 12:27pm by Suad Patton-Bey

The State’s bond bill went into effect as July 1 arrived, in which lawmakers agreed to borrow $260 million for various projects across the state including $82 million for universities, $50 million for a program to replace bridges on local roads and $45 million for upgrades at Huntington-Ingalls shipyard. This would also include $25 million for community college projects.

Another bill that went into effect with July is a bill that would require any emergency vehicle traveling 30 mph or more over the speed limit to have lights flashing. It was named after a a former Mississippi State University track and field star who was killed in a wreck with a speeding Highway Patrol vehicle.

Mississippi legislative leaders attempted rewrite the state’s public education funding formula, but the bill did not pass. The formula was used to distribute a nearly $2.2 billion in school funds. The House attempted to form a new spending plan back in January. An act meant to curb the riding opioid crisis also failed to pass, which was intended to establish a commission to address statewide opioid use.

Gov. Phil Bryant signed a bill into law that would ban abortions performed at Mississippi’s sole clinic after the 15-week gestation mark. However, it has now been suspended by a federal judge who put a restraining order on the ban.